Tuesday, October 16th, 2012
How often do you hear of a technologically complex new electronic device with global applications for a vast mass market – in this case smart energy management - being invented from scratch, assembled, proved up and launched in Australia?

That stuff happens in California’s Silicon Valley, doesn’t it? Or out of the hi-tech industrial conglomerate laboratories of Germany, Japan, Korea and increasingly China, but not in Australia!

After more than three years of research, development and early deployment, Sydney-based Wattwatchers is now moving out of the backyard shed-cum-lab and going to market with its core product, the Auditor3® professional-standard energy management device.

So what does the Auditor3® actually do? Wattwatchers CEO Chris Bean says that it is ‘real cleantech’* – small-sized to save resources, low-energy, battery-free, affordable and very smart – supporting renewable energy, distributed generation, demand management and energy efficiency.

‘It provides the foundation for monitoring and managing electricity use in homes and businesses of all sizes, completely independent of traditional energy utilities, with consumers gaining control of their own accurate data – in real time (5 second delay), operating standalone or in networks that are infinitely scalable,’ said Mr. Bean.

‘When bundled with one or more of a choice of software applications, householders and businesses can see what is happening with their electricity consumption at any time of the day or night, and take immediate action to help keep fast-rising electricity bills under control. (And you want to see your solar PV output too, then no problem!)

‘Data is transmitted wirelessly and is displayed and managed via computers, smart phones and tablets, existing routers and the Internet and cloud services. This allows householders and businesses to do energy management themselves, to share and compare with others, and to gain access to new-generation energy services.’

An early app partner, Australian company SOE Software which has bundled its Energy Tracker solution with Auditor3® as an ideal offering for the SME and SOHO (small office/home office) sectors, says: 'This is one of the best pieces of energy monitoring hardware we have ever seen. Australian designed, it is a class 1 billing WiFi real-time meter that is DIN rail mountable and incredibly small and compact. Manufactured by the clever folks at Wattwatchers, it is a testament to fine engineering. Given its amazing ability to scale from home through to large corporate networks and its affordable price, we tip the Auditor3® to be a great success.'

*Wattwatchers via its parent company the Energy Saving Networks Group was among the 30 semi-finalists chosen from 104 entries in the Australian Cleantech Open Competition 2012.

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Wattwatchers is a fast developer of professional energy management solutions for the consumer side of the billing meter, helping to enable the distributed energy market. Based in Sydney, Wattwatchers is committed to delivering tools for the Energy Information Age with a light touch – low cost for consumers, low overheads for operation and low resource use for the environment:
• Value for money – inexpensive and cost effective systems
• Resource efficiency – small size units, no batteries, wireless installation, leverages existing communications infrastructure
• Minimal energy use –products are designed around low-power chipsets
• Data productivity – real-time communications with very low overhead protocols
• Reusability – products can be recovered, reprogrammed and reinstalled

Media contact: Murray Hogarth 0417267235 or [email protected]
Sales/Investor contact: Chris Bean 0418640402 or [email protected]
Website: http://wattwatchers.com.au and @TheWattwatcher on Twitter

Murray Hogarth
P: 0417267235
W: wattwatchers.com.au


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