Monday, October 15th, 2012

According to the Psychology Board of Australia there were more than 24,500 Registered General Psychologists in Australia as at June 2012. Despite estimations that 100,000 Australians are missing out on essential health services (The Australian), ONLY TEN PERCENT of those Psychologists are listed on even the best known of the Psychologists referral services.

Making the services of the missing 90% of Psychologists available to and accessible by clients anywhere in Australia appears to be the easiest, fastest and cheapest solution. An Australian business has developed a web based alternative that provides this solution cost-free.

Many of those requiring mental health services are located in regional, rural or remote locations where there may be few (if any) Psychologists accessible, or where distances and long appointment lead-times makes accessing help impractical.

“Having 90% of Psychologists either not available on referral databases or not accessible simply does not make sense. The existing referral systems and access options are not working. A different approach is needed - One that uses existing provider capacity, costs nothing to setup and makes all Psychologists available anywhere in Australia to everyone. That’s why we started” said Michael Marcus CEO of Psychologist Anywhere”.

“We’ve put our money where our mouths are to create and provide this free platform because we’ve seen the valuable work that Psychologists do, and we want to help make a difference. We believe that all Psychologists should be easily accessible to anyone anywhere in Australia, and that clients should be able to choose the Psychologist that they like best based on both skills and personality-fit. We believe that using available capacity and available technological tools can go a far way to addressing the problem at low or no cost. It’s not necessary to spend huge dollars to achieve a solution.” said Michael. provides a unique free platform for clients anywhere in Australia to “find” Psychologists anywhere in Australia for in-office or online consultation (using Skype), immediately or by appointment. Registration and use is free for both Psychologists and clients.

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Psychologist Anywhere

Psychologist Anywhere® is a free platform located at on which Psychologists can register their professional profile and where clients can find a Psychologist and contact them quickly and easily for immediate online web-video or in-office counselling.
Michael Marcus
P: +61 (0) 415 359 929


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