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Burglaries in Victoria have risen six per cent in the past year, with an average of one in 69 homes across the state now experiencing a burglary.

RACV’s analysis of 2011/12 Victorian crime statistics revealed that the overall number of burglaries hit a five-year high, and Melbourne’s western suburbs again topped the rankings of highest burglary rates.

The new Melbourne suburb of Williams Landing, where one in 15 homes was burgled, recorded the highest rate in Victoria. Ardeer, the number one ranked suburb in the previous year’s statistics, followed closely behind, registering one burglary for every 16 homes.

RACV General Manager Home Services, Peter Brindley, said that while all Victorians need to be aware of the risk of break-ins, those living in areas targeted by thieves should be aware of their heightened risk.

“Seven of the top 10 suburbs lie to the west of Melbourne and two to the north. The only inner city suburb on this year’s list is Parkville (at number five), with a rate of one in 23 homes. This reflects the general trend for inner city suburbs, where the risk of burglary has halved over the past five years,” he said.

“The incidence of burglaries in the neighbouring northern suburbs of Mernda and Doreen increased this year to one in 19, putting them on the list for the fourth consecutive year.” 

The vast majority of burglaries are not solved, and RACV advises homeowners to take steps to minimise the chance of a break-in.

“Prevention is the key to avoiding the financial cost and emotional trauma of invasion of your home and your personal space,” Mr Brindley said.

“Connecting professional home security monitoring to your home alarm is an effective deterrent to thieves, but it’s also important to get in the habit of ensuring doors and windows are locked when you go out, and of holding paper and mail deliveries when you are on holidays.

“Remember that burglars go online too, and trawl through social networking sites to source information to help them identify easy targets. Details of addresses, daily routines, holiday plans and recent purchases can all be used by a predatory thief to plan a burglary,” Mr Brindley said.

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Top 10 most burgled suburbs 2012

No.Post CodeSuburbBurglary Rate
13027Williams LandingOne in 15 homes
43024Wyndham Vale/Mambourin/Mount Cottrell23
73029Hoppers Crossing/Truganina/Tarneit30
93338Melton South/Exford32

*Based on 2011/12 Victoria Police Crime Statistics and ABS Census data for occupied households. Postcodes with less than 1,000 occupied households have been excluded. Burglary rates are rounded to the nearest full number.


RACV tips to reduce the chance of burglary

  1. Install a home alarm and connect it to professional home security monitoring.

  2. Ensure that all doors and windows are well secured with locks made to Australian standards and that you lock up when you go out – even for short periods.

  3. Don’t hide a spare key – it can be found by a thief. Leave it with a trusted friend or neighbour.

  4. If going away for an extended period, ask the post office to hold your mail and a friend or relative to regularly clear your mailbox.

  5. Be careful with your personal information online – you wouldn’t put a billboard outside your house advising when you’re away, but this information is often posted on open social media sites.

  6. Lock your tools in a shed and don’t leave items around that could be used to break into your property.

  7. If you purchase expensive electrical appliances, cut the boxes into pieces before recycling because boxes left on the nature strip can let burglars know what’s new in your house.

  8. Lock the front door when you are in the back yard.

  9. Don’t leave wallets, mobile phones, car keys and other valuables in sight and accessible on the kitchen bench or hallway table.

  10. Keep your garden trimmed and well lit, removing potential hiding spots for burglars.

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