Sunday, October 14th, 2012

As per the recent reports from eBay and also by Nielsen, an exponential rise in business through Smartphones is anticipated in near future. It has been concluded by eBay Online Business Index that half of the Australia’s business that are represented through eBay feel the need to have a proper online marketing strategy in place and not less that 20% feel that to do this they have to have proper mobile applications and a customer centric website in place.

The the observations are definitely on solid ground looking at the fact that recently eBay clicked the 100 millionth mobile application download and also 100 millionth mobile listing.

The issue becomes even more important for small and medium size enterprises besides individuals, which do not have big advertising budgets and means to launch a full fledged branding campaigns to promote themselves to customers. Also their marketing needs and target market niche is also entirely different from big corporate. For them, a properly designed website with customer friendly mobile applications are the best choice, and here a fast upcoming name comes into the picture., expertise is to provide customer and business processes oriented feature-rich mobile applications in minimal time and at competitive rates, a great sought after quality by individuals and small and medium size enterprises.

At, the mobile applications are done only after comprehensively understanding the client's requirements from day one, as only after that the final product can meet the intended use. And they do it all, be it business marketing applications, social media marketing application or any other special product on a mobile application platform.

In case of mobile application one big challenge is to make the application compatible with vast operating systems and devices as iPhones, iPads, Blackberry, Android Phones etc. So at the applications are made so as to be independent of the device. Though suitable precaution is taken to ensure that the applications developed now is to a large extent future proof against developments that are visible off hand, but assistance is provided for client’s to face such challenges, if the need so arises.

The product range of includes iPhone/ iPad/ Android/ BlackBerry Apps, social networking media apps, e-commence and enterprise apps and also apps for a plethora of applications relates to sports, travel, online education, eBooks etc.. The possibilities are endless. They also provide mobile websites. And the customers can be assured to get the best and personalized service through highly experienced and trained personnel, identified to suit the special needs of varied application areas.

Just to get a feel of the works of, visit their website.

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Custom Apps is an Australian based app development firm focused on developing custom mobile applications for small and medium business customers. They also provide mobile websites.
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