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12th October 2012 - West Ave Plastic Surgery is a Houston TX Plastic Surgery company that has been helping individuals throughout the Houston area to achieve excellent cosmetic surgery results, through the expertise provided by Dr. Roth, for many years. Their ability to allow individuals to make the changes in their appearance that they are looking for, quickly and easily, make them an excellent choice for those that are not completely satisfied with their physical appearance. From very small changes, to large cosmetic surgeries, West Ave is able to provide individuals with what they need. A few of the different high quality cosmetic surgery procedures that they provide to their clients include;

Cosmetic Procedures

Their Most popular procedures that they provide are cosmetic procedures. These can affect a number of different areas of the body, depending on what you were looking for. Their most popular surgeries involve press. This can include breast augmentation, lists, and production for individuals that believe their breast sizes too large. All of these surgeries are relatively easy, and do not pose much risk. There are also other types of surgeries that they provide, including cosmetic surgeries on the body including a body lift, like those suction, thigh lift, tummy Tuck, and upper arm lift. These types of surgeries are generally provided to individuals that have lost a large amount of weight, and are not happy with the look of their skin. Depending on what you are looking for, there should be many different options available to you that can help you to get the look that you require, without having to spend too much. There is a lot that needs to be taken into account when looking for a Houston Texas Plastic Surgeon company.

The company also provides a number of face related procedures. These include the brow lift, either pending surgery, eyelid surgery, face lift, and no surgery for those that would like to change the look of their nose. Along with this, the company also provides a number of reconstructive procedures including breast reconstruction, general reconstruction of any area of the body, hand surgery, and scar revision to remove scars that are troublesome. They also provide a number of nonsurgical options for individuals that are not looking to go through surgery including Botox injections and lip enhancement. Their excellent staff, and years of experience allowed him to put together options that makes sense for their clients, and allow them to achieve the look that they need.


Although Dr. Roth does provide affordable services, many of these surgeries can be quite expensive, and may require financing. Financing is an excellent option for individuals that are not looking to pay large amounts in one go, and are instead looking to spread their payments out over a period of time. Financing can be a next one option, and is provided by West Ave Plastic Surgery at a relatively low cost. The ability to finance these procedures will allow you to get the look that you want without having to dedicate too much money up front. Their wide range of experience makes them an excellent option for those that are not completely satisfied with their current look and would like to make changes.

When looking for a Houston TX Plastic Surgery clinic, or a Houston Texas Plastic Surgeon firm, make sure you know what you are willing to pay and exactly what you require.

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