Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Jungledrums launches social network for your opinions.

Dull films, plain books and average restaurants have nowhere to hide.  Jungledrums is a social network for recommendations. It connects users to their Facebook and Twitter friends. Critics are now obsolete. Jungledrums takes the power of word of mouth and supercharges it. Mediocrity beware!

Last time you went to an awful restaurant...there was a great one just next door, your friends were there the week before. They could have told you about it. Why didn’t you know?

Last time you spent $17 going to see a very average film...there was a good one showing at the same time. Your friends saw it the night before.  Why didn’t you know?

Last time you went on a holiday...a friend of yours went to the same place, a year before, and had a better time than you. They could have given you some tips.  Why didn’t you know?

Jungledrums. Now you know.

Want to know?  Go to http://www.jungledrums.net/

Jungledrums won the MEGA Business Entrepreneurship Challenge in July 2009. The Angel investment backed web platform has just been released into the wild.

Jungledrums will soon be mobile too. This will transform every person in the street into a mobile critic, a roving reporter. Their recommendations and pictures will be published directly from their device to their Jungledrums profile, a magazine of their opinions.

"Then you'll know wherever you go," says Nick Butchart, co-founder. "It has been great to see Jungledrums get into people's heads. Once they join, they keep coming back to add more and more of their favourite things. This will be big," says Nick.

Nick has been sharing 'the love' already. His Jungledrums profile is available here http://tinyurl.com/Jungledrums-Nick/


Download Jungledrum images and video at  http://www.newsmaker.com.au/news/2044


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Jungledrums Reviews Pty Ltd

Adelaide based technology startup behind the Jungledrums platform. Funded by Angel investment. Jungledrums provides the opinions of your friends, when you want them. From the worst restaurant in New York, the best places to go in Bolivia, to a great film you have to see...now you know. People use Jungledrums to share recommendations for movies, restaurants, music, recipes, travel tips, websites with their friends. You can too. Now you know.
Nick Butchart
P: 0406476940
W: www.jungledrums.net


Jungledrums vs. Mediocrity. Australian Tech Startup Jungledrums has just been unleashed!


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