Saturday, October 13th, 2012
Dansk Vintage offers vintage Danish furniture and effects from the fifties and sixties to a growing audience of collectors. With a fresh online store and spaces in two Brisbane antique dealerships Dansk Vintage’s husband-and-wife team Christina and James Meagher cater to a tasteful audience looking to buy unique, quality and timeless furniture pieces.

Christina Meagher says patrons are choosing to buy vintage Danish furniture, because of the classic, clean design feel that gives pieces lifetimes of longevity.

“People are sometimes surprised that the furniture they buy has already lived one lifetime with somebody else, because the items appear so modern and relevant with today’s trends,” she says.

“I think people love the fact they are partaking in sustainable living too - by purchasing a vintage piece they are recycling and giving that item a new life, which is a great feeling.”

To maintain a careful selection of pieces, Dansk Vintage has a handpicked team of tasteful Danish suppliers who source selective, high quality vintage furniture from the Nordic nation.

Many rare and collectable items from cult Danish designers, including Hans J. Wegner, Boerge Mogensen and Grete Jalk, have made their way across the globe to Dansk Vintage.

Christina said her and James moved Dansk Vintage into the retail sphere in September 2011, when they sensed that the timeless appeal of Danish furniture was a sought after commodity in Australia.

“I think that people are really interested in Danish furniture because of the thoughtful design and craftsmanship that goes into each piece,” Ms Meagher said.

“We are finding that the Australian market is not just interested in the superb quality of vintage Danish furniture, they also love to hear the wonderful stories and history of the pieces and their designs.”

Meagher adds that buyers visiting Dansk Vintage’s online furniture store have to get in quick, as current stock shipments are being snapped up before they reach Australian shores.

“Lately we are finding that by the time items arrive in Australia they are often already sold,” Ms Meagher said.

“Through our online furniture store buyers have the opportunity to view and reserve our beautiful vintage furniture pieces before they arrive in Australia.”

Dansk Vintage, which simply means “Danish Vintage” in Danish can be found online at

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Dansk Vintage

Our passion is for bohemian style; as a blend of antique, vintage and design furniture and effects. This has inspired us to create a business in Australia, linking our past in Denmark with our present in Australia where we have been based since January 2008. James was born in Australia, his knowledge and experience in the antique business has been accumulated through diverse pathways over three decades. He has been interested in and collecting antiques since as a young boy his dad introduced him to antiquing on the way to and from weekend rugby games. As a teenager he worked for an antique auction house and several antique shops honing his skills as a restorer. In 1994, at 22 he went overseas and began a job with an antique export company in Copenhagen, Denmark. This business established a steady and still ongoing export of Danish used furniture and effects around Australia. James held this job for eight years, and over the years did furniture restoration jobs on high end antiques for two exclusive auction houses in Copenhagen. In 2002 James started his own Copenhagen based company Antique Atelier restoring and exporting antiques and vintage furniture. Antique Atelier ran for a number of years and was dissolved when James moved back to Australia. Christina is a Danish born citizen who holds a masters degree from Copenhagen Business School. She has worked eight years in intellectual property, six years in Copenhagen, then two years in Brisbane which has given her a profound understanding of handling business administration. Together we form the partnership of dansk vintage.
Christina Meagher
P: +61 (0)4 1129 7236


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