Friday, October 12th, 2012

The innovative technology known as the DNA Guardian is set to revolutionise the business community in Perth. This proven security strategy targets the criminal element in our community. Many businesses are seen as soft targets for criminals, and until now have not had a chance to fight back.

The DNA Guardian system sprays criminals at the crime scene with a uniquely identifying forensic solution that will stay on their skin and clothes for weeks at a time, allowing police the critical time needed to catch up with these people and irrefutably link them with the crime scene.

Successfully working to reduce crime by over 95% in businesses throughout the rest of Australia, Perth businesses are now set to benefit from this amazing technology. The past few years have been tough for retailers, especially those carrying cash, drugs, liquor and jewellery. Criminals target not only the business, but also the staff in armed hold ups. These staff members are often left with psychological and emotional damage for years, and in some cases for life. So the time has come that businesses can now better protect their staff and their goods by keeping the criminal away from their front door.


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DNA Security Solutions

DNA Security Solutions is an innovative provider of security systems employing unique forensic identification of alleged perpetrators with a range of security equipment, appropriate for business, personal and vehicle protection. The company’s equipment utilises non-toxic and harmless solutions encoded with unique DNA material which can be matched to specific situations, increasing the likelihood of conviction rates. Use of these products has found DNA styled perpetrator marking products highly effective both as a deterrent and as a tool to easier identification and conviction of criminals. DNA Security Solutions is the first company to introduce the technology into Australia and the technology is quickly being adopted as best practice OH&S and providing the highest Duty of care for employees.

Tania Jolley
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