Thursday, October 11th, 2012
12 - Oct - 2012
Ten minutes to success:
Mum’s literacy program changing lives

A new on-line literacy tutoring program is giving hope to children and adults struggling with dyslexia, the learning disability affecting an estimated one in 10 children in every classroom in Australia.

Produced by Liz Dunoon - literacy advocate, author, teacher and parent of three dyslexic children – the Ten-Minute Tutor website provides bite-sized, efficient lessons to develop reading and spelling skills, as well as coping strategies and inspiring advice from those who have overcome their own difficulties.

The user-friendly site was devised earlier this year in response to Liz’s frustration at the lack of appropriate, affordable support available for children and adults with dyslexia, a condition most experts believe drastically under-acknowledged and funded in Australia, especially compared with nations like Canada, the US and UK.

“Parents are desperate to help their children achieve at school, but tutoring can be very costly and not targeted to their specific needs. After an exhausting day struggling to keep up at school, the last thing they need is more at home. It sets them up for more failure when they urgently need success.”

Harnessing her experience as a parent, teacher and passionate advocate who is in constant contact with those touched by literacy difficulties, Liz set out to build her own ambitious video-streamed program, offering users an 10-minute lesson with worksheet incorporating the best ideas and strategies from literacy specialists.

She was determined to make the program flexible, friendly and fun, using methods including singing pop songs to encourage learners of all ages. The 10-Minute Tutor is ideal for adults struggling with literacy and those in remote areas as they can learn at home in complete privacy, at their own pace.

She also wanted to share the stories of others with learning difficulties – to know that many successful, articulate and intelligent people struggled with formal education and literacy. Liz’s first book Helping Children With Dyslexia featured an inspiring foreword by Sir Richard Branson: creative thinker, risk taker, entrepreneur and dyslexic.

“It is so important to help people with dyslexia build confidence and resilience, to overcome the negative labels and low self-esteem. I really want to devote myself to support those with learning difficulties and their families. The National Year of Reading is ending, but there is still so much work to do. Many people with learning disabilities are at risk of serious mental health problems, depression and even suicide.

“I love teaching, but not the limitations put on creative teachers by an outdated education system. You know you’ve got right when a complete stranger walks up to you and throws her arms around you and tells you with tears in her eyes that you have changed her son’s life,” Liz said.

The 10-Minute Tutor is available by monthly subscription. Visit to view sample lessons and learn more.


For more information please contact: Liz Dunoon
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