Tuesday, October 9th, 2012
The slowing real estate market of the past two years has seen a rise in the number of vendors who want to manage the sale of their own homes.

Phil Horan of Hello Real Estate says that the trend, known as “vendor self sell”, is being embraced by a wide range of people from different age groups. This includes the many baby boomers who have lost their savings due to economic conditions and are now looking at ways to save money on all of their investments.

“People are starting to realize that it is not a complicated process to sell their own home,” Mr Horan says.

“All they need to do is prepare their home using tried and proven presentation principles that are used by real estate agencies all over the world. They then have the opportunity to save thousands for items such as agent commission, marketing, administration and listing costs.”

This includes a 10-step checklist:

1. Clean and de-clutter.

2. Turn on the light – light homes are more attractive.

3. Freshen and make sure your home smells good.

4. Make sure that the street presentation is clean and tidy, with no toys or other objects cluttering the view.

5. Mow lawns, tidy and weed garden beds - bark chips work cover a multitude of sins!

6. Place minimal striking ornamental pieces in the home and garden, and if necessary put in a few strategic plants or pots.

7. Freshen paintwork and make sure it in sound condition.

8. List your property on leading web sites.

9. Produce high quality brochures and marketing materials.

10. Treat all potential buyers with courtesy and respect.

“By following these simple principles and with the assistance of professionals who supply services to the real estate industry, home-owners can be as successful as any real estate agent,” Mr Horan says.

“Hello Real Estate provides all of the services and support from professionals to private vendors to enable them to sell their own property. Our sales system includes the services of a mentor who works with the client right through to settlement so this helps those people who are nervous about selling on their own.”

Hello list its clients properties on www.realestate.com.au, www.homesales.com.au, www.open2view.com.au and the www.hello.com.au websites.

“This provides all of the same exposure that clients would get using traditional sales methods,” Mr Horan says.

“In the case of baby boomers, a major focus is on downsizing and sale of investment properties. Being able to sell their own properties and save money is very desirable for this group.”

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