Thursday, December 10th, 2009
The tradition of great Aussie rock is one of the few traditions that will never be marred, maligned nor misconstrued as we go forward in the passage of time; if anything it will be a purpose that will become only more important and further entrenched in the Australian psyche. In this continuing vein the barnstorming behemoth that is Black Label are bringing their rock and roll largesse to stages across the country.

From the mean streets of Sydney, Black Label have forged their rock and roll mettle alongside such masters as The Screaming Jets, Rose Tattoo, The Radiators and will now join the legendary force that are The Angels; kicking off proceedings during their highly anticipated series of 'By Request' shows - a tour set to be the number one ticket of the year!

Fronted by the charismatic presence and vocal powerhouse Steve Mulry (a surname already deeply imbued in the rock & roll parthenon by his brother, the legendary Ted), Black Label are a perfect storm of musical talent showcasing the inimitable chops of John Ford (guitar), Ross Flynn (guitar, backing vocals), Loz Marlow (bass, backing vocals) and George Muscat (drums). Driving blues-tinged rock with a diamond hard edge, Black Label's unique blend taps into the fertile wellspring of great Australian rock; tipping a hat to the likes of Rose Tattoo and AC/DC.

With an ever-expanding fan base owning to their tireless touring both at home and overseas; Black Label have stamped their name on the esteemed roll call of Australia's most dependable and hard working bands. With five cranking releases under their collective belt: The Dealer (2001), Lawless (2003), Live (2003), Seven Deadly Sins (CD / DVD) (2005) and Booze Blooze n Tattoos, the band are set to unleash a new and as yet unnamed beast to local audiences in 2010.

Having recently returned from Europe, where Black Label set forth a new eponymous monster to European audiences under their abroad moniker Lawless Breed, the band are now back, on track and ready to thrill.

Having successfully completed gigs at Davistown RSL, Mounties, Newcastle Panthers, and Rooty Hill RSL, your last chance to see The Angels, LIVE with special guests Black Label this year will be:

Friday 11 December
Vikings Erindale, Canberra, ACT

Saturday 12 December
Waves Nightclub, Wollongong, NSW


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Black Label Australia

From the muddy waters of South Western Sydney BLACK LABEL was born. The name is always synonymous with "top shelf", "extra special blends" & that's exactly what you get.

With their pumping selections of tight guitar tunes with plenty of riffs, BLACK LABEL blend awesome high energy performances with master musicianship to create a big smooth sound & slick show. This has lead to a large and loyal fan base at their live shows throughout Australia. Regularly picked to play major Sydney motorcycle shows, Black Label have played hundreds of gigs to literally thousands of fans.
Eva Roberts
P: 0404 848 666


Black Label, The Angels, Rock, Steve Mulry, Doc Neeson


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