Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012
As Melbourne shrugs off winter, paint trends are reflecting the warmer weather according to Valdemar’s Painters. The leading Melbourne house painters reported increased requests for bolder, brighter colours with the arrival of spring.

Spring is typically the time for both a home and wardrobe makeover. And in line with current fashion and design trends that makeover is signalling brighter, bolder paint interiors.

Valdemar’s Painters' Eva Gluchowski said emerald green, in particular, is high on the fashion radar for spring and is also making its debut in more and more Melbourne living rooms.

“With spring in the air, fashion colours have become bolder and brighter and we’ve noticed a mirroring trend in painting requests for brighter interiors. Spring is the time when we refresh and revitalise our lives, so in keeping with that a bright new interior is often on the seasonal to-do list for homeowners.

“While bright colours are not traditionally everyone’s cup of tea they are definitely worth exploring as the end effect can be transformational. The requests we’re receiving at the moment for bright vibrant colours really match the feel-good feeling of the season.

“Bright, rich colours create living spaces that are truly unique. Emerald green walls turn a run-of-the-mill interior into a fresh and transformative space,” she said.

“Alternatively, citrus colours of orange or yellow create in any living space an immediate feeling of warmth and energy.

The key to success when injecting bright bold paints is to balance the space with contrasting furnishings. Combining bright walls with softer furnishings and accessories in lighter tones.

“Many people are afraid bright colours will create living spaces that are too ‘loud’ and so shy away from the colours they love most. There’s really no need to do this, as creating balance within a room is much easier than many people realise.

“If you’ve thought about experimenting with brighter colours, now is the time to do it. Spring is the perfect time of year to inject bright energetic colours into your home. Colours that match the mood of the season.

“And once you’ve decided on your dream colour we’re here to help you transform it into your dream interior. As painters in Melbourne with many years experience we work closely with our clients to achieve the interior look they desire,” she said.

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