Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

The treatment of children is a highlight of humanitarian reporting over the past year, according to judges of Australia’s leading media award in this area.

Finalists in the United Nations Association of Australia, Victorian Division, annual Media Peace Awards include reporting that exposed imprisonment of child crew members of refugee boats, racist abuse and violence against young people of African background and the physical and mental abuse of Palestinian children as young as 12 held without charge for stone throwing. Also laid bare is the fact that refugees seen by security agents as threats are denied a chance to challenge their accusers and so face prolonged and indefinite detention.

In a remarkable year for reporting on humanitarian issues, there was insightful work ranging from reports revealing Aboriginal suicide, the abandonment of Australia’s troops in Vietnam, women and children, and powerful pieces covering development, ageing and a modern slave trade, human trafficking.

Finalists for the Awards are announced today (see full list below).

“The range and scope of the reports and programs presented here show that compelling and effective journalism and program-making on humanitarian issues continues to be an outstanding feature of this country’s media,” said Patricia Collett, Executive Director of the United Nations Association of Australia (Victoria).

The Media Peace Awards began as a national program in 1978. They promote understanding and awareness about humanitarian and social justice issues by recognising those in the Australian media who stimulate public awareness and influence policy change. The major award categories are best print, radio, photojournalism, online and television. Awards are also given in special categories which promote specific social justice issues including aboriginal reconciliation, multicultural issues, women’s rights and issues, children’s rights and issues and positive images of the older person.

Winners will be announced at the Awards Presentation Dinner to be held at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne on Friday 26 October, hosted by Virginia Trioli, Presenter, ABC News Breakfast.

For further details please contact:

Patricia Collett, Executive Director, UNAA Victoria

Ph: (03) 96707878 || Mob: 0418 544 315 || Email: [email protected]




FINALISTS – Major Categories



• John Lyons & Sylvie Le Clezio, The Australian - ‘Children in Detention’

• Steve Pennells, The West Australian - ‘The Untold Story of the Asylum Boat Tragedy’

• Denise Ryan, The Age - ‘The Team Too Afraid To Play’


• Michael Gordon, The Age - ‘In Harm’s Way’

• John Lyons & Sylvie Le Clezio, The Australian - ‘Stone Cold Justice’

• Stephanie Osfield, Marie Claire Magazine - ‘This Girl Has Special Needs and One Day Dreams of Becoming a Mum’



• Matt Doran, Ten News - ‘Human Trafficking: Australia’s Modern-Day Slave Trade’

• Jeannette Francis, SBS World News Australia - ‘Minorities in Uganda’

• Antoinette Lattouf, Ten News - ‘Sina’s Story’

Current Affairs

• Hayden Cooper & Lisa Main, ABC TV 7.30 - ‘Inside West Papua’

• Yalda Hakim, Ryan Sheridan, Peter Charley, Garry McNab & Abdul Basir Bina, SBS TV Dateline - ‘Anatomy of a Massacre’

• Hamish Macdonald & Sam Clark, Roving Enterprises - ‘Age of Uncertainty’

• Yaara Bou Melhem, Geoff Parish & Garry McNab, SBS TV Dateline - ‘Revolution: Rise & Fall’


• Anne Delaney, Toby Creswell & Paul Ham, November Films - ‘All the Way’

• Tony Krawitz, Darren Dale & Chloe Hooper, Blackfella Films - ‘The Tall Man’

• Matt Peacock, Trevor Bormann, Simi Chakrabarti, Wayne McAllister, Nick Brenner, Dan Sweetapple & Ginny Stein, ABC TV Foreign Correspondent - ‘India - Toxic Trade’



• Stefan Armbruster, SBS World News Australia Radio - ’Cruel Rules in Traditional Hunting Stoush’

• Jane Bardon, ABC News Darwin - ‘Rage Against the Regime: Asylum Seekers Demand Justice’

• David Weber, ABC Radio - ‘Island Protest’


• Anita Barraud, James Pattison & Carey Dell, ABC - ‘Mabo 20 Years On’

• Santilla Chingaipe, SBS Radio News - ‘Two Homes: South Sudanese Australians’

• Santilla Chingaipe & Kristina Kukolja, SBS - ‘Sins of the Colonisers: Is It Too Late to Pay the Price?’

• Sharon Davis, Geoff Parish & Steven Tilley, ABC Radio National 360 Documentaries- ‘The Left to Die Boat’


• Brian Cassey - ‘Life in a Coffin: Hong Kong’

• Lee Griffith, The West Australian - ‘Seeking Asylum’

• Stuart McEvoy, The Australian - ‘PNG Women’s Bill’


• Rodney Dekker, The Story Collective - ‘Tides of Resilience’

• Trevor Graham, Ned Lander & Andrew Myer, Yarra Bank Films - ‘Make Hummus Not War’

• Alicia Hamilton, Matt Smith, Caroline Bartle, John MacFarlane, Poppy Stockell & Sandra Fonseca, SBS - ‘The Block: Stories from a Meeting Place’

FINALISTS – Special Award Categories

Promotion of Aboriginal Reconciliation (Sponsored by the Australian Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs)

• Randall Mathieson, Amber Tripp, Libbi Gorr, Mark Vear, Felicity Greenland & Daniel Browning, 774 ABC Melbourne - ‘The NAIDOC Lounge’

• Jade Rose, Paul Sinclair, Laurie Baymarrwannga & Matt Dwyer, Mirri Mirri Productions - ‘Big Boss’

• Russell Skelton, The Age - ‘The Most Lethal Crisis of All’

Promotion of Positive Images of the Older Person

• Adam Harvey, ABC 7.30 - ‘Budget Boosts Hopes of Older Workers’

• Mandy Lake & Margie Brown, Flickchicks - ‘The 100+ Club’

• Katrina Yu, SBS World News Australia - ‘Saving Elders' Stories’

Increasing Awareness and Understanding of Women’s Rights and Issues (Sponsored by the Office of Women’s Policy)

• Jo Chandler, The Age - ‘Taim Bilong Meri (Time for Women)’

• Quentin McDermott, Peter Cronau & Mario Christodoulou, ABC TV Four Corners - ‘A Matter of Life and Death’

• Katrina Yu, SBS World News Australia - ‘Breaking the Silence on FGM’

Increasing Awareness and Understanding of Children’s Rights and Issues

• Jenny Brockie, Fanou Filali & Mawunyo Gbogbo, SBS TV Insight - ‘Generation XXX’

• Nance Haxton, ABC Radio - ‘Intellectually Disabled People Fight for Justice’

• John Lyons & Sylvie Le Clezio, The Australian - ‘Palestinian Children in Detention’

Promotion of Multicultural Issues (Sponsored by the Australian Multicultural Foundation)

• Magica Fossati & Marina Freri, SBS - ‘Bye-Bye Italy : From Austerity to Australia’

• Marion Ives, SBS - ‘Inside Villawood’

• Luke Waters, SBS World News Australia - ‘Race Game’

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Treatment of children exposed by year’s top journalism



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