Tuesday, December 8th, 2009
With the end of school fast approaching, parents are about to be faced with another gift giving challenge - what to get your child’s teacher?

Where you can – try and choose gifts that don’t add too much clutter to your teacher’s life, says Revamp Professional Organiser’s Louise D’Allura. “Most teachers are incredibly sentimental – even the minimalists among them have a hard time parting with cherished gifts from their students.”

Just by thinking outside the box there are some great gift ideas that you can find that won’t add clutter to your teacher’s life – at school or at home. If you know the other student’s parents well you might even be able to pool your funds to buy some of these gifts.

1. Gift cards
One thing we know about many teachers is they often buy a lot of craft and school supplies out of their own pocket. Why not repay them by giving them a voucher for a department store, a book store to get some holiday reading or a hardware store to get some projects started during the Christmas break.

2. Gourmet loving teacher
Most teachers love tea or coffee. Why not put together a little gift basket of a few different types of specialty teas or coffees, with gourmet biscuits? If you can – resist the urge to buy a cup – one is fine – 12 is for a dinner party.

3. Pampered teacher
This is a great one if you can pool your funds with others student’s parents! What teacher wouldn’t appreciate a gift certificate for a massage?

4. Socially aware teacher
If your child’s teacher is passionate about a cause, consider making a donation to a charity on their behalf, for as little as $5 or $10 dollars. If you’re not sure which one, choose a charity that offers unconventional gifts that are sure to put a smile on your teachers face! Why not get them a chicken for $10 to help a family in Laos generate food and income from its eggs, or a mosquito net to help prevent malaria? What about helping a woman in a third world country start a small business for only $14?

5. Eco - teacher
If they are keen gardeners, why not buy them some gardening supplies. This might include packets of vegetable seeds (organic heirloom varieties if you can), and accompanying companion plants and flowers to keep the bugs away!

“These ideas are only the tip of the iceberg, once you start thinking the possibilities are endless!” said Ms D’Allura.

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A fun end of school year article that presents low cost clutter free present options that parent's can buy for their child's school teacher as a way to say thanks for a great year!


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