Monday, December 7th, 2009
Did you know that dieting could actually be making you fat? Did you know that many popular ‘diets’ that severely restrict calorie intake including Tony Ferguson and Celebrity Slim are actually setting you up for failure? Do you wonder why you are constantly dieting or feeling like you are starving yourself and only ever get short-term results?

The facts are that when you reduce your calories too low, your body instinctively holds onto its fat stores and burns muscle instead. Your body also releases more of the enzymes responsible for storing fat into your fat cells, you risk ill health because you are restricting the nutrient intake necessary for vital bodily functions, you are unable to make a permanent lifestyle change because, let’s face it, there’s no fun in being hungry and at the end of the day you don’t actually want to give up all of your favourite foods!

The good news is that International Body Transformation Specialist, Sonja Falvo, has just released two books ‘The Real Body Plan’ & ‘The Real Body Real Food Plan’ which reveal the staggering truth about why low calorie diets set people up to fail, and more importantly, she provides a REAL alternative solution…in fact, the ultimate solution!

Falvo’s books are a breath of fresh air in today’s body conscious times and shed light on an area which has always been filled with debate and confusion.

Rather than advocating starvation, giving up your favorite foods and exercise routines that are best left to elite athletes, The Real Body Plan and Real Body Real Food Plan utilize the latest scientific research to maximize weight-loss by actually eating more and exercising less!

Falvo knows only too well about the dangers of extreme dieting from personal experience; her weight obsession earlier in life led to a vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting.

In 2003 a bike accident resulted in a crush fracture in her spine and she was then diagnosed with borderline osteoporosis, which she found out was caused by her 10 years of yo-yo dieting and severe calorie restriction.

This incident is what fuelled Falvo’s passion to find a healthy lifestyle solution for weight-loss and weight maintenance and create the vision of becoming ‘The Global Leader in Healthy & Sustainable Weight-Loss’.

“How often have you seen people going to the gym week in and week out for months on end, trying one diet after another with no visible changes to their body shape? It doesn’t have to be this way” said Falvo

“By following my simple and effective lifestyle plan people begin to see positive changes within their first week; they have more energy, their clothes feel looser, and they just feel better in themselves, more self confident.”

The Real Body Plan (aka ‘Are You F.A.T.? - Fed up with dieting? Always self-conscious about your weight? Tired of wearing clothes that really don’t fit?) offers readers a complete step by step guide on how to successfully transform their bodies and their lives through creating a positive mindset, healthy eating, and a sensible approach to exercise.

The Real Body Real Food Plan (aka Stop Starving Yourself and Get R.E.A.L.!.) offers readers a simple and effective meal planning strategy with over 130 quick, easy and mouth-watering recipes from around the globe. With 3 of the worlds most sought after nutritionists creating these recipes, they are sure to please.

Both books are informative, inspiring and, most importantly, easy to read and follow.

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- Real Body Enterprises CEO Sonja Falvo is an author of two bestselling books, keynote speaker and has a strong passion for helping people to improve their long-term health, wellbeing and self-esteem
- Sonja Falvo was also Director of What Women Want Personal Training in Brisbane and National Fitness Manager for Fitness First in the UK
- Real Body Enterprises is also organising Australia's first ever National Fat-Loss-A-Thon; see
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Dieting can actually make people fat and yet will be the number 1 resoltuion set for New Years


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