Thursday, September 27th, 2012
When Adelaide Buchanan first decided to create a production of ‘Crave’ by Sarah Kane she had no idea that using a giant cage that encloses the actors as her set, would lead to such an incredible production.

The production is being held at The Studio in Subiaco Arts Centre and opens October 10. The show runs from October 10 to 13 and again from October 17 to 19. The intimate space creates the perfect atmosphere for such a visual striking and evocative piece of theatre.

The play itself revolves around four characters, their relationships and their internal struggles being voiced- usually as streams of consciousness. The original production had the four characters sitting frozen and aimless in chairs and this is what audience have come to expect from the play. As the director, Adelaide Buchanan wants to change this in her adaptation of the text. She wants to create a world of captivity for the characters that they have been in for so long that they have forgotten who they truly are, who they were, or why they are here.

The language in the piece is some of the most stunning in 20th Century theatre available today and is completely juxtaposed against the harsh metal set. Audiences can expect to go through a whirlwind of emotions when watching ‘Crave’ but most importantly to Adelaide she really wants audiences to feel as though the characters relate so much to them that they could be inside the cage as well.

“Crave really has something for everybody,” says director Adelaide Buchanan “by looking at human emotion and the characters prominently speaking in as stream of conscience style everyone can feel themselves glaring back at them from inside the cage they are looking at.”

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