Saturday, February 13th, 2010
Bringing together the very best of classic bike mechanics with future forward minimal design, Sexy Bicycles Director and Designer, Matthew Andrew, has released nine new bicycles in limited editions of 9, 18 and 27. Each coming individually stamped with its edition and production number. Seamless attention to detail includes numerous fully customised elements combined with high end components to achieve a fine quality sophisticated outcome. The overall designs and detailing, right down to the spokes and wheels, include a wide selection of vibrant and energetic colours that merge as a single clean aesthetic, rather than simply appearing as a collection of pieces put together. Cycling, environmental and design enthusiasts alike all have something to get excited about when it comes to these bikes.

Three types of gearing are available; single speed, fixed geared and internal hub, each with something different to offer. The frames have been designed specifically to work with the chosen method of gearing and style of riding in mind. All models are available in sizes suitable for both men and women.

Sexy Bicycles really are made for the urban environment. The single speed bikes allow for minimal components which provide ease of both operation and maintenance. In addition, their simplicity makes for a clean and sleek aesthetic. Whilst the bikes fixed gear bikes are not for the faint hearted, these are the simplest possible form of bike mechanics and riders will be rewarded with an exhilarating experience. The internal hub has nine gears fully enclosed in a shell within the rear wheel, providing among many features, high efficiency and minimal maintenance. A further advantage to internal hub gears is that they are able to be shifted while stationary. This is particularly useful when riding in traffic or urban situations.

Another feature of the Sexy Bicycles range is they are super light weight. Ranging from just 7.5kg to 10.5kg, these are great for cross-commuting between cycling and public transport, and are easy to move around both on and off the bike. This feature also adds a tick to the environmental checklist, lightweight makes for a reduced transport footprint from manufacturer to buyer. International orders are shipped direct to customers from a centrally located warehouse, whilst orders within Australia are shipped from Perth.

With a vision to increase the number of people-powered vehicles on the streets, Sexy Bicycles is currently pending certification for Carbon Neutral practices.

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Sexy Bicycles

Sexy Bicycles Designer and Director Matthew Andrew brings his vision to life with a range of vibrant and contemporary urban bikes for cyclists and environmental and design enthusiasts alike. Prototypes of the first Limited Edition have recently hit the streets in Perth, WA. Currently available by advanced order online, the limited edition bikes are available in single speed, fixed gear and internal hub, with sizes suitable for men and women.
Matthew Andrew
P: +61 400 218 425
M: +61 400 218 425


Sexy Bicycles are literally the new kids on the block with their first release of single and fixed geared bikes. Designed for simplicity in both function and form, Sexy Bicycles offers a vibrant alternative for environmentally friendly urban transport.



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