Friday, September 21st, 2012
A topical new novel strikes a chord with the uproar over rioting Muslim extremists who have shocked the nation.

The Muslim riot in Sydney and calls for further protest rallies by radical Islamists this weekend resonate with the themes in a provocative new novel from award-winning Australian author Wayne Grogan.

In Terror Australis, a soft Sydney suburb is marked out for destruction by terrorists in thrall to the belief that they are performing the will of Allah. The novel also explores the divide between Islam and Christianity and the reasons why Islam is seen as a religion hijacked by extremists.

“Yesterday an Islamic youth leader named Sheikh Jamil el-Biza was quoted as saying these protestors would be rewarded by Allah. Do our mainstream Islamic leaders have the power or the argument to rebut this nonsense?” asks Grogan (pictured).

“It is too easy to say that young Muslim men indulging in violent backlash are under-educated and alienated. That’s not what they think. They are convinced violent protest is a faith inspiration in the march towards their idea of the kingdom of heaven.

“An Islamic terror attack inside Australia is an invention in Terror Australis. Unfortunately the Sydney riot and the spread of Sixth Pillar propaganda suggest my story line might not be too far-fetched.”

The Sixth Pillar of Islam directs Muslims to wage holy war on non-believers. Fundamentalists and terrorists like the Taliban and Al Qaeda embrace the Sixth Pillar.

“How can the authorities throw a bridle on such a nightmare when respected Islamic leaders are powerless against exploitation of the credo of jihad?” Grogan asks.

“Can moderate Muslims rise to this moral challenge with a forceful alternative view to the rebels who cling to their distorted interpretation of the Koran?

“This discord will not go away with law enforcement and hand wringing by shock jocks. It is a religious problem. The Koran’s code of jihad blurs the lines between politics and religion.

“In my novel two theologians probe the doctrinal differences between Christianity and Islam. Maybe it’s time this fictional conversation was taken up by religious leaders.

“As much blood on the tracks as Christianity has, it has shown a capacity to self-correct because of its internal reference to the divinity of Christ. Is this the great divide between the two great faiths?”

Wayne Grogan is regarded as one of Australia’s most original and stylish authors. His novel Junkie Pilgrim won the Ned Kelly Award for Crime Fiction. Terror Australis, a wide-sweeping novel which ranges from an Islamic terrorist plot to sex crimes and underworld intrigue, is his fifth book. It was released this month by Deep Line Books.

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