Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Technology has brought improvements to the world of air hand dryers, and they have finally come of age. Now this humble device can finally do the job it was invented to do.

Everyone knows how poorly those old hand driers worked. You approached them with dripping hands, pushed the button with your elbow and dutifully stood there as the blower came on. It seemed to run a long time, but when it cut off, your hands were still wet. You gave up and walked away, flapping your hands in the air in the attempt to do what the machine should have done.

Environmental Advantages:

• The new generation of electric hand dryers offered at are designed for both effectiveness and energy-efficiency. Thanks to Brushless Fast Motor Technology, they produce a stronger flow of air with less electricity, pleasing both the user and the person who pays the power bill.

• If users feel their hands are dry and decide to pull them out a few seconds early, an automatic cut-off stops the blower to save power.

• Electric hand dryers eliminate expensive paper towels and the constant mess they caused. This is a blessing for the janitorial staff, but it also reduces the amount of waste going into landfills. Coupled with the energy savings provided by these units, this constitutes a significant environmental advantage. When viewed in this way, switching to automatic hand dryers is a smart choice from both an economical and an environmental standpoint.

• Noise pollution is another concern. Some of the old hand driers could roar like a jet engine. The new automatic hand dryers do a better job with less noise.

Performance Advantages:

• The bathroom hand dryers at JetDryer are contact-free, turning on automatically when their motion detectors sense the approach of hands. Air blows on the hands from top and bottom, and the air speed is fast enough to do the job in 15 seconds or less.

• Hands are inserted in a shallow trough in the front of the unit, so water doesn’t drip down the arms. Other conveniences are a fragrance feature to freshen the air around the unit, easy-maintenance filters and the option of hard-wired power.

• A new-model bathroom hand dryer is safer than the older units were. It has temperature and electric safety sensors to cut the unit off if safe levels are exceeded. If the power is hardwired in, there are no exposed wires to get frayed. The chances of damage from vandalism or an accident resulting from a malfunction are reduced to nearly zero.

• These hand driers also look good. They have LED lights and their cases are sleek and stylish. If they are in a public place, they will present a fresh, up-to-date look that will go along with other modern features.

When people go out, they always notice the condition of the restrooms. With one of the new automatic hand dryers from JetDryer, a small but important element of that room will look and perform beautifully.

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