Tuesday, September 18th, 2012
The Australian Web Industry Association (AWIA) and the Web Industry Professionals Association (WIPA) have merged, with the new entity promising to draw a clear line between ethical professionals and the rest of the industry.

With the blessing of its board, WIPA members have joined AWIA, creating a more even spread of membership and events around Australia.

AWIA Chairman Bret Treasure said that apart from improving member benefits, the organisation’s focus will be helping the business community better manage web projects.

“Small business is particularly vulnerable to fly-by-night operators (black hats) and well-meaning amateurs who get in over their heads. We are going to actively promote the white hats; designers and developers who run their businesses well, do their professional development and support web standards.

The market needs to know which companies and freelancers are reliable and doing the right thing. At the moment, it’s a lottery. In fact, it’s worse than a lottery because some of the least ethical companies have the best sales teams. We’ll provide information that helps businesses ask the right questions of their developer.”

The association is embracing a set of web industry guidelines (called Widelines) which will be available to web developers and designers who commit to high ethical standards. Those subject to substantiated complaints will lose accreditation.

President of WIPA, Ricky Onsman, who was instrumental in the merger together with former AWIA Chairman Miles Burke said this:
“It’s very exciting that we have now have a single national body representing the interests of web professionals in Australia.

While both AWIA and WIPA had separately built significant profiles as providers of advocacy, information and professional development opportunities, the union of the two will allow us to enter a new phase in which we can better support web professionals in new ways, including influencing policy developments that affect the industry, planning for sustainable industry growth and ensuring that the rights and responsibilities of web professionals are protected and enforced.”

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