Thursday, September 20th, 2012

A unique Global Macro Hedge Fund designed to deliver attractive returns, excellent liquidity, and have a low correlation with the major asset classes.

Sydney, Australia - Zen Capital Management is preparing to launch the Zen Capital Management Global Fund SP. The Global-Macro fund has been designed to deliver attractive returns with low volatility; a performance-driven fee structure; and excellent liquidity. With a high water mark and a performance hurdle, the fee structure is compelling to investors as it only rewards Zen for the delivery of real performance.

A key objective of Zen Capital Management is to hedge portfolio risk. As such, Zen says it can be considered a true "hedge fund" as opposed to the vast majority of competing "hedge funds" which are actually equity funds.

Managing Director, Gregory Carroll, said "Zen Capital Management seeks to identify the cyclical nature of investment markets across a range of timeframes. Like the waves on the ocean, the small ripples on the surface of the water matter little compared with the underlying swell. Investment markets are no different. Despite the apparent noise, there are identifiable cycles which drive all investments. Zen Capital Management specializes in analyzing these cycles and identifying high-probability investment opportunities".

Zen has been evolving its proprietary trading system for over a decade through the most challenging market conditions of our generation. Zen's system allows for the identification of trading opportunities using a consistent and repeatable approach; to manage the risk associated with existing positions; and to exit positions in response to changing cyclic trends. It also allows Zen to monitor and control the overall volatility of the portfolio. Greg says "It is this system which gives us our unique edge".

Zen's strategy is highly scalable since it only trades highly liquid, exchange-traded securities consisting predominantly of index and commodity futures, exchange traded funds and stocks. The fund also trades highly liquid currency pairs in the global interbank market.

The fund is Cayman-domiciled and is currently available to wholesale investors who are non-US taxpayers. The fund is administered by Apex Fund Services and all trading is through Interactive Brokers LLC. The fund will commence trading on 1 October 2012.

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