Tuesday, December 1st, 2009
PERTH author Chris Thomas has two new plays available through TAZ Playwrights.

Who’s Your Daddy? was originally performed as part of Artrage’s 24-Hour Project in 2008 and is a raucous tale of a failed 80s popstar on the comeback trail who is followed by an obsessed fan and a cynical musical journalist.

Reality Matters has been updated and expanded from its original form, building on its strengths as a surreal piece of theatre, allowing two actors to perform the piece anywhere without a set.

“During a recent production in Perth, I added more to the play, giving more depth to one of the characters as he is forced to question his own perception of reality,” Thomas said.

“An enigmatic character starts to strip away his many masks, forcing him to think outside the square for a moment, and the piece is left open-ended as to whether the events occur for real or in the mind.

“Who’s Your Daddy? is a pure comedy revolving a cheesy 80s popstar who completely loves himself and thinks he is God’s gift to women.

“But given his comeback tour mainly involves performing at shopping centres, he really is just a legend is his own mind.”

Reality Matters scored a best actor in a supporting role nomination at the 2009 Hills Drama Festival and, in its original form, was the only Australian entry selected for Blacktown Theatre’s 4 Shorts Plus season in 2007.

Thomas has several other scripts available, including SMS Mess, Which One?, King Bling, The Bonza Land of Oz and Appetite for Destruction, and he is also author of the novel Journo’s Diary (www.journosdiary.biz) and the Doctor Who short story, One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (http://tiny.cc/gAp3y).

SMS Mess was described as a “miniature masterpiece” by The Drum Media and was selected for PICA’s final night best-of showcase at the 2008 Putting on an Act Festival, as well as being shortlisted for Short+Sweet Brisbane and Melbourne 2009.

Which One? previously scored an encouragement award for writing in 1994 and Appetite for Destruction was also a finalist in the 2007 4 Shorts Plus season.

For the past six years, TAZ Entertainment has been promoting theatre and music events across metropolitan and regional WA and has expanded with its TAZ Playwrights agency.

“Melanie DeCull is the driving force behind TAZ Entertainment and it’s to her credit she’s had the innovation to fill a market gap when it comes to playwrights in WA,” Thomas said.

“During my own personal experience in theatre over the years, as a performer and writer, I have seen a good selection of plays written by WA authors.

“But all too often they are only given one outing and then forgotten, simply because people are unaware these scripts exist.

“Yet year after year, people are on the hunt for one-act plays, musicals, kids’ pantomimes, monologues and full-length plays and can’t find anything suitable.

“What Mel has done is create an easily-accessible central point for these scripts and their playwrights with an effective online presence.”

TAZ Playwrights represents 16 West Australian playwrights, including Bruce Denny, Travis Hooper, Mark Kont, Chris Thomas, Stephan Jean De Jonghe, Max Harvey, C. Aspden Pomfret, Peter Flanigan, Martin Lindsay, Noel O’Neill, Carole Dhu, Vanja Clayton, Denni Cee, Shirley Ingram, John Lewington and Johnny Grim.

In promoting a variety of theatre, matched with her own theatre experience in past 20 years, TAZ Entertainment director Melanie DeCull has witnessed some remarkable productions created by WA playwrights.

“By providing an online forum for these plays, theatre clubs, schools, groups and organisations from around the world can easily find them,” she said.

Script samples can be downloaded from www.tazentertainment.com.au by clicking on TAZ Playwrights.

chris-writer.jpg: Perth author Chris Thomas has new scripts avilable through TAZ Playwrights.

chris-writer2.jpg: Perth playwright Chris Thomas discusses one of his scripts with actor Julia Dalby.

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Chris Thomas

Born in Perth, Western Australia, Chris Thomas is a writer, actor, journalist and broadcaster who has developed diverse experience in these areas over several years.

He has many eclectic acting credits to his name and broad journalistic experience, working for mainstream newspapers, independent publications and freelancing for numerous titles, as well as extensive work in media relations and flexing his dulcet tones as a radio announcer.

Chris Thomas is also the author of the novel Journo's Diary, the Doctor Who short story One Step Forward, Two Steps Back and the plays Which One?, Reality Matters, Appetite for Destruction, The Bonza Land of Oz, King Bling and SMS Mess.
Chris Thomas
P: 0430 374 250


Perth playwright Chris Thomas has two new scripts available through TAZ Playwrights' agency


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