Monday, September 17th, 2012
Karyn Burge, Industry Trainer and Assessor, Sarina Russo Institute in Victoria is getting some outstanding outcomes from her 'Enhanced Resume and Russo Race to Work' course.

Karyn said "It never ceases to amaze me the amount of talented individuals I meet every day who truly appreciate the support and assistance the Sarina Russo | Group gives them in looking for work".

The recent 'Enhanced Resume and Russo Race to Work' course at Lilydale was a huge success with some of the jobseekers already placed into work.

Keys to the success of the course are:
• Self Confidence Development - Each student verbally introduces themselves to the class as if they were potential employers

• Encourage a sense of pride in their own work, input, presentation (wearing interview - work clothes whilst attending course) and feeling part of a team

• Individually update resumes and cover letters focusing on profiles for the purpose of direct reverse marketing

• Interview Practice tailored to specific jobs for each job seeker. Concentrate on how to answer those really tough questions

• Develop a ‘Working Contact List’ for reverse marketing. This is a list contains contacts of businesses/ industries where job seekers wants to work.

• Individual reverse marketing appointment for job seeker and trainer to initiate work on contact lists to lead to an ‘industry’ personalised cover letter, resume, interview/meetings and hopefully a job.

Karyn said at the end of the course job seekers in general have the confidence and the tools to reverse market themselves, update their contact lists like sales people with a data base on a weekly basis and continue to apply for positions with support for Sarina Russo Group.

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