Friday, September 14th, 2012

For one night only, Saturday 15 September, twelve creative professionals cast off the shackles of working with expensive cameras, lugging around heavy equipment and trying to please fussy clients in favour of having some photographic fun with their mobile phones.

In 2010 Skrambled Eggs creator and professional photographer Ben Liew set himself the challenge of staging an exhibition of photos consisting entirely of pictures taken with his iPhone. It was a huge hit and he decided to share the fun and enjoyment with other professionals in the industry.

Ben says, “the first Skrambled Eggs was part of the SALA Festival in 2010 and we had half a dozen professional photographers. In 2011 we doubled in size and had a full dozen. The third installment in the Skrambled Eggs series sees the return of several of the original ‘eggs’ with a few new ones thrown into the mix.”

“The philosophy of Skrambled Eggs has always been that you don’t need expensive professional gear to have a great time with photography, it’s about working with what you have available to you, and these days, who doesn’t have a mobile phone in their pocket? Skrambled Eggs is what happens when you put a trained eye behind one. ”

The one and only rule of Skrambled Eggs is that the original photo has to be taken with a mobile phone and after that the photographers are free to employ whatever post production techniques they choose (if any).

Ben says, “the concept presents an interesting challenge to our photographers who can really have some fun with it. There are so many apps out there to play around with and different digital technologies. The finished work we are all presenting tomorrow night is completely different and it’s sure to be an eggscellent evening!”

The Skrambled Eggs dozen includes Ben as well as, Brett Bayly, Brent Leideritz, Claudio Raschella, Danielle Elliott, Gee Greenslade, Hilary Hann, Kerin Burford, Lindsay Poland, Lesley Bourne, Mark Zed and Melissa Neumann.

What: Skrambled Eggs Photo Exhibition
When: Saturday 15 September 2012 – ONE NIGHT ONLY
Where: (Shiny new photography studio) Lightly Salted
234a Gilbert Street, Adelaide (enter from Little Gilbert Street)

For more information, images or photo opportunities please contact Danielle Elliott, 0403 755 416.

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