Thursday, September 13th, 2012
- RobertsDay projects win 5 out of 13 UDIA WA Awards
- Suburbs across Forest, City, Coastal
- Putting site & people at heart of planning & delivering ROI

Urban planning firm RobertsDay has taken out five of the 13 Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) WA Awards, including the coveted President’s Award, for projects spanning forest, coastal and inner-city environments.

At a ceremony in Perth this month, RobertsDay – previously synonymous with award-winning greenfield developments like Ellenbrook – was recognised for its Frasers Landing, Capricorn Yanchep and Fairlanes Perth developments – making it the biggest planning winner on the night.

According to Duane Cole, a Principal of RobertsDay Perth, the recognition at this year’s awards proves that placing people and the environment at the heart of urban planning is not just “a soft touch or an eco ideal” – it’s seriously good business.

“The thing we do differently is put the policy and regulatory framework second and focus first on developing a site-specific response,” Cole says. “In our view a good development starts with matching design to the environment.”

At Frasers Landing, RobertsDay saved 50% of vegetation – and as a bonus doubled the allowable density. At Fairlanes Perth it delivered a 20% increase in the allowable plot ratio. And at Club Capricorn it returned coastal development to a more natural, environmentaly-conscious outcome.

“A lot of development sites planners are dealing with now are constrained in different ways,” Cole says, “from regulatory and policy constraints to the sheer lack of availability of flat, noncontroversial land.”

“The question is: How do we continue to keep creating inspiring, sustainable places to live? That will be the key issue going forward for this industry and anyone who thinks it’s business as usual will be left behind,” he says.

“At RobertsDay we’ve developed a process that answers that and that delivers for everybody: the developer, the community, the resident and the environment. These awards demonstrate the value of that process.”

The project wins:

Forest: Frasers Landing saves 50% of vegetation – and as a bonus doubles the density

On this intriguing “villages in the forest” project, RobertsDay saved almost 50% of the site’s vegetation, five times over the normal requirement of 10% for parklands.

RobertsDay conceived its plan for the Frasers Landing project around the idea of “villages in the forest”. On that theme, it planned a series of dense, vibrant urban villages – the antithesis of low-density sprawl.

What’s more, the consultancy not only saved some 50% of the site’s vegetation – five times over the normal requirement of 10% for recreation and conservation – it delivered the developer a 2.7-fold increase in density.

That meant the developer could more than double the number of dwellings allowed on the site, from 460 dwellings to 1250.

“Here we saved 50% of the site’s vegetation – great for the environment and the community. But by also doubling the density we delivered for the developer’s balance sheet,” says Duane Cole, a Principal of RobertsDay Perth.

“The project in fact developed a new typology that we are calling ‘environmental urbanism’. It’s an attempt to immerse urban development into rich environmental landscapes. By interweaving the built form into the existing landscape you strike a sustainable balance between developer and community goals, and also secure the future for the community and the environment.”

UDIA WA Awards 2012:
Frasers Landing, to Frasers Property
- Residential Development Under 250 Lots
- Rising Star

Coastal: Club Capricorn rejects urban sprawl for natural beach living

A drive along Perth’s beaches today takes you through estate after estate of new developments, few with the character of Perth’s original coastal villages. With Club Capricorn, RobertsDay challenged that.

In fact, with the Club Capricorn Project RobertsDay took a highly environment-centred approach – it looked to the beach.

Its planning solution retained sand dunes, trees and topography and planned for roads to follow natural contours, ensuring a resident’s journey from home to beach would be seamless, reinforcing a sense of connectedness to the coast.

“The use of limestone and other local material in landscaping is reminiscent of places like Rottnest and Fremantle. Strict Design Guidelines have encouraged a variety of housing including pole homes and coastal cottages that contribute to the distinctive coastal feel of the development,” says Duane Cole, a Principal of RobertsDay Perth.

“By focusing on these simple, timeless methods, Capricorn Village has managed to recapture the unique coastal ambience that has drawn West Australians to the beach for generations.”

UDIA WA Awards 2012:
Capricorn Yanchep, to Capricorn Village Joint Venture
- Residential Development Over 250 Lots
- Presidents Award

City: Fairlanes Perth gives to the community – and everyone wins

Working with Finbar and Sin Chang Architects, RobertsDay conceived a double win for Fairlanes Perth: a public space for future generations and a 20% boost in plot ratio for the developer.

A 27-level mixed-use development of residential and office space, Fairlanes Perth is true high density living balanced by a careful reference to neighbours and community space.

What RobertsDay negotiated here was recognition and reward for the ground level configuration that includes a civic and event space for a range of public activities, as well as office and commercial uses.

“Not only was a significant area of the project site given to the community but civic events in this space will invite people, creating vitality in this area of the city”, says Duane Cole, a Principal of RobertsDay Perth, explaining that created two benefits.

“First we ensured that residents, commercial tenants and the broad community could enjoy the development, now and in future generations.

“Second, the strategy paid off for the developer. It delivered them a 20% increase in allowable plot ratio thereby significantly improving the commerciality of the development.”

UDIA WA Award 2012:
Fairlanes Perth, to Finbar Group
- High Density Development


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