Tuesday, September 11th, 2012
Some 6.4 million grocery buyers purchase grated or shredded cheese in an average four week period – and an estimated 2.7 million are buying private label or a supermarket’s own brand.
According to the latest Roy Morgan Single Source data the research also shows parents are more likely than those without children to buy shredded/grated cheese and they are much more likely to choose private label – especially those with 12-15 year olds.

Bought Grated/Shredded cheese in the last 4 weeks

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, Jul 11 — Jun 12 Grocery Buyers n = 16,004.

While it is important to understand who the buyers are in the category, it’s also critical to measure how competitors’ products compare, including supermarket labelled products. For any new brand launch or new product variant being trialled in a competitive category such as grated cheese, any edge in understanding where to position a brand, including where to advertise and how to promote, is invaluable in order to send the right message to a product’s target market.

The same parent segments with older kids are not just buying branded cheese, in fact they are considerably more likely to be buying supermarket branded cheese than any of the well known cheese brands such as Coon, Bega or Perfect Italiano. Purchasing of supermarket branded grated cheese by the average grocery buyer is currently more than double that of any of the branded cheese, and for parents with children, particularly those with 12-15 year olds, purchasing of supermarket grated cheese is more than three times that of any brand.

Brands of Grated/Shredded cheese bought

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, Jul 11 — Jun 12 Grocery Buyers n = 16,004.

Warren Reid, Group Account Manager Consumer Products, Roy Morgan Research, says:
“Having a strong understanding of your consumer is critical for FMCG companies engaged in an uphill battle against supermarket private label products. The ability to gain any marketing edge may mean the difference in a new brand or even existing brand succeeding or simply surviving in the market.

“While there doesn’t appear to be any room in the grated cheese market for another new brand, manufacturer Fonterra has recently launched a new brand to market, Egmont, a grated cheese that’s marketed as being not only tasty but ideal for grilling. This may well be appealing for buyers with older children who love a cheese toastie, but will it be able to compete in an already saturated category filled with traditional brands and supermarket private label cheese?”

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