Saturday, September 8th, 2012
Islam-critical UK planning specialist Gavin Boby tours Australia in September

14 September 2012, Melbourne - Q Society of Australia Inc is delighted to present a national information tour with UK lawyer and town planning specialist Gavin Boby. Mr Boby is the director of the British Law and Freedom Centre, an organisation which assists community groups on pro-bono basis, if they are faced with inappropriate planning applications for more mosques in their neighbourhood. Mosques are increasingly being built in disproportional numbers and often in communities with hardly any observant Muslim population present.

Speaker of Q Society Andrew Horwood notes that many Australians still have misconceptions about the important function mosques and mosque-building plays in Islamic doctrine, and how a mosque differs fundamentally from a church, temple or synagogue. Many are surprised to learn Islamic mosques and prayer rooms in Australia already count over 340, while Hindu and Buddhist temples combined account for just over 110; while almost twice as many Australians register as Hindus and Buddhists in the 2011 census compared to Muslims.

Q Society has invited distinguished Australian scholars on Islamic scripture, researchers and freedom activists to accompany Mr Boby at the public info evenings in Perth on 9 September, Adelaide 11 September, Melbourne 12 September, Canberra 15 September, Sydney 16 September, Brisbane 18 September, Gold Coast 19 September and Cairns on 20 September. Attendance is free of charge, but prior registration is required as seats are limited. Interested Australians can register by email to [email protected] or call 1300 361 200.

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Andrew Horwood, VP Community Relations and Media
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