Saturday, September 8th, 2012
AVG (AU/NZ) Pty Ltd, the Australian, New Zealand and South Pacific distributor of the AVG range of Internet and mobile security products, with 128 million active users worldwide, announces the release of AVG’s consumer 2013 range of offerings. These include new versions of AVG’s popular consumer products, such as AVG AntiVirus FREE, and a revamped interface for all products incorporating touch-compatible technology and intuitive navigation to complement the latest hardware and operating systems.

Key Features of AVG 2013 products at a glance:
• A brand new user interface that provides easy access to the most regularly used settings. It is touch-friendly and easy to navigate to support the latest touch-screen devices.
• A smoother install experience through a new Welcome screen.
• Reduced boot time and minimised delays for an improved experience.
• Smarter scanning for shorter scanning time with new AVG Turbo Scan.
• Enhanced and simplified firewall making it easier for users to choose how they want to personalise their settings in order to protect their privacy and identity online.
• In addition to AVG’s multi-layered protection technology, AVG Internet Security 2013 comes with an integrated security firewall, AVG LinkScanner®, AVG Anti-Spam, Anti-Spyware and technology to protect against WiFi hacking.
• Complementing the AVG 2013 Internet Security range, AVG PC TuneUp® keeps PCs running smoothly and at peak performance by cleaning the hard drive, fixing issues, preserving battery life on laptops, and eliminating freezing and crashing.

JR Smith, CEO of AVG Technologies, said, “The rapid uptake of new technologies is making the connected online world a more complex place to navigate. Our customers want to focus on enjoying using the Internet with confidence and peace of mind that they are protected, so it’s our responsibility to make security products that are simple and straightforward to use. As a result, we’ve put simplicity, privacy, performance and our leading protection technology at the heart of AVG’s 2013 range of products, because we know those are the things our customers value the most in a security product.”

The improvements in the AVG 2013 products are in addition to new features introduced earlier this year, such as the active Do Not Track feature. AVG was the first antivirus company to offer an active Do Not Track feature within its free and paid range of products which gives users visibility and control over who can see their personal information and identity when they are online, and helping them to protect it.

AVG’s 2013 offerings also complement the recently launched AVG mobile security products to provide users with protection across smartphones as well as PCs. AVG detected over 370,000 threats specifically targeting sophisticated mobile devices between April and June 2012. AVG AntiVirus for Android™ is popular in the Android Market with over 250,000 users giving it a 4 or 5 star review on Google Play.

The increasingly ubiquitous nature of connected devices and new technologies means many people are looking for security products that will give them peace of mind that they are protected online. Grace Duffy, the blogger behind Formerly Gracie and technology writer for various parenting and news sites, comments, “Parents are often surprised by how adept their children become at using connected devices, and so they need to be continually educated about the potential impact of online behaviour throughout their children’s lives. They need to help their children create a healthy foundation for their online activities with proper boundaries, education and guidance, as well as regular monitoring, so that personal information is protected and online behaviour is safe across all platforms from desktops to mobile devices.”

AVG 2013 product range and pricing
• AVG AntiVirus FREE – great protection for surfing the web, emailing and social networking without costing a cent.
• AVG AntiVirus – for that additional peace of mind, AVG AntiVirus offers advanced protection for surfing the web, social networking and downloading. From A$51.50 inc GST
• AVG Internet Security – this is the ultimate package for online protection, securing activities such as shopping and banking. From A$69.99 inc GST
• AVG PC TuneUp ®– works to speed up the PC by cleaning the hard drive, and eliminates freezing and crashing. From A$51.25 inc GST

AVG’s 2013 product range is supported by the company’s dedicated team of technical and client service experts operating from the company’s Melbourne office during business hours. Also included is access to all protection updates and software upgrades for the term of the licence. All existing users of AVG consumer products will be automatically upgraded to the latest version of their product.

The AVG 2013 range is complemented by AVG’s mobile security offerings:
• AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android™ – this is essential protection for mobile devices.
• AVG AntiVirus Pro for Android™ – combats viruses and malware so users can make calls, receive SMS, download music, video and apps, and surf the web confidently, knowing they’re always kept safe.

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