Friday, September 7th, 2012
Promotional flash drives are a fun option for customizing your company's USB sticks and offering them as gifts to potential customers. These types of USB sticks are branded with your company logo to market your company or your products. They are trendy, stylish and fit well with the current fashion trends. Zoomstix is a pacesetter in matters related to customized flash sticks as they have a wide array of styles and can modify their products to modify your company needs.

promotional flash drives

They have a great way of introducing your company's ideals in the promotional flash drives. Their USB sticks are made from a diverse pool of materials that bring an edge to your style. These materials range from metals with engravings to pvc. They can be customized for instance to be shaped like guitars if you are a fun of music or to appear like a certain animal.

Locating the flash drive that you desire has been simplified as you can easily access them from the Zoomstix menus. The flash drives can be customized to emulate unique shapes of varied colors making them really awesome. Another merit of the promotional flash drives is that they are very flexible and can hold a lot of data. This is for your convenience as these flash drives can store many phonebook entries and bulky documents in a very small space which avoids you the hustles of carrying heavy stacks of papers to meetings.

These gadgets can be used by companies for many of their tasks and are a great way of cutting time in printing bulky documents e.g. product manuals for customers. Not only can they be issued out to new members of your organization as orientation guides but also they can be given out as training guides and conference gifts. They can also be used as substitutes for print catalogues, for software and music distribution and many more tasks that make it time saving and cost efficient.

Moreover, the flash drives are reusable unlike catalogues which can be disposed of after a year. Data can be entered and modified in the flash drive an infinite number of times without any damage or any losses. They are durable as they can be used for a number of years if well taken care of.

Promotional flash drives also offer a secure way of storing and transferring data from one location to another or from one data processing machine to another. As compared to printed documents this is a safe bet for handling sensitive corporate information and even personal data. They are also very convenient because they are portable and no one will notice that you are carrying a lot of data on you.

Zoomstix offers promotional flash drives which have different data storage capacities ranging from 512 mb to 16 gigabytes. Therefore, the choice is in your hands depending on your preferences and needs in data handling. These thumb drives come in capless, capped, swivel tops and other trendy shapes.

If you require that the promotional flash drives come with preloaded data, it is possible. Zoomstix can include information about your company or a product that you are launching. This offers your company a good marketing strategy that is unique and innovative.

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