Thursday, November 26th, 2009
After just three months of operation, Entrepreneurial Carbon Markets recruitment specialists Brendon Booth and Warwick Peel at pb Human Capital say that top emitters are ill-prepared for the impending talent requirements under the new ETS.

“The appetite is certainly there,” Booth states. “But some employers have been holding off employing critical carbon-related staff until it passes senate.”

With the ETS likely to pass the Senate this week, that may seem like a good idea, co-founder Warwick Peel says: “with the CPRS creating a wave of carbon-related recruitment activity, where is all the skilled talent going to come from?”

Currently executing mandates for a number of the top 1000 emitters, the pair believes that these few forward-thinking organisations are quickly going to snap up the available talent, creating a huge gulf.

“Businesses will need to look internationally,” Booth says, “or in similar disciplines and then hope that against all odds they can pick it up quickly.”

Some organisations are still, they believe, weighing up their ongoing strategy. According to Peel, the options are between in-house trading and outsourcing, actively trading carbon or passively meeting ETS obligations.

The major energy companies have already developed carbon trading teams to take an active role in meeting cap-and-trade obligations, and in doing so have gained a massive first-mover advantage, they say.

“Now that Turnbull has survived the spill,” Peel states, “we have had calls today from a number of emitters, financial institutions and hedge funds, and everyone wants the same thing, people.”

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pb Human Capital

pb Human Capital is an executive search and recruitment firm located in Melbourne’s CBD that launched September 7. Co-founders Warwick Peel and Brendon Booth are experts in recruitment and passionate about sustainability. Young entrepreneurs (33 and 28 respectively), they are seizing opportunities presented by the ETS and agreement on Renewable Energy Targets to recruit specifically for the carbon markets, sustainability and renewable energy sector. In just three months they have cemented pb Human Capital as the premier search firm for these markets in Australia.
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With the ETS looking likely to pass in Senate after the failed Liberal leadership spill, the co-founders of pb Human Capital believe employers are about to face a massive skills shortage in the hunt for top talent in the carbon markets.


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