Wednesday, September 5th, 2012
NumeroPro and FFA PaySmart have joined forces to create a powerful 1.5 Registered CCMS and Payment Solution.

The two firms bring years of experience and technical knowledge to PaySmartPLUS+WebKids, a project that marks an Australian first among registered Child Care Management Systems.

(Location, Date, Service) –In an effort to provide Australia's Childcare providers with more commercial, convenient options for management and accounting while also bringing together their distinct yet complementary strengths, firms NumeroPro and FFA PaySmart have recently announced the forging of a new partnership. The union has produced a unique product leveraging NumeroPro's popular Kidsoft Management Suite and PaySmart's ‘Benchmark” direct debit billing capabilities. The result is PaySmartPLUS+WebKids, which delivers the ideal set of options and functionality for day-to-day Childcare centre management along with a powerful billing solution for processing payments and credit control. The new product is set to launch at the Childcare Queensland 2012 National Conference at Jupiter Gold Coast from the 14th to the 16th of September.

The two firms first met early this year to discuss possible avenues for the creation of a truly optimised product primed to meet the needs of the growing Australian Childcare market. FFA PaySmart, which has worked extensively with Childcare providers throughout the country, recognised the particular ability of NumeroPro's platform to offer compliance advantages while also improving the quality and efficiency of Child Care services. NumeroPro's achievement of 1.5 Registration with The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR), along with the platform's accessible tools for the Government's often-complex Early Years Learning Framework reporting constituted eye-catching potential for the payment processor.

While several products are vying for attention from Australian Childcare professionals, only the firms' new PaySmartPLUS+WebKids solution offers a complete, fully compliant suite of products and services ensuring high fee collection rates through credit control protocols delivering higher cash flow yields. PaySmart’s cloud-based WebExpress application offers access to data and all features anytime, anywhere with an Internet connection. Free reports, IT support, and dedicated Business Development Managers help make PaySmartPLUS+WebKids an especially appealing option for Australia’s Childcare service providers. The partnership helps highlight the emerging technical excellence of firms interested in the Childcare sector in Australia – as well as their ability to come together for the production of superior solutions.

About WebKids Management Software

A joint project of NumeroPro and FFA PaySmart, WebKids is a fully functional 1.5 Registered Child Care Management System optimised for Australian Childcare Services. A swift, 36-hour transition time from existing software and widely recognized ease of use make the system simple and economical to adopt.

WebKids is a true cloud based CCMS provider with a full direct debiting service that includes credit control services

• Long Day Care,
• Vacation Care,
• BSC – ASC,
• Registered Care,
• Kindergarten; and
• Family Day Care across Australia.

WebKids is the first and only CCMS provider in Australia to have developed fully integrated Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) tools. WebKids EYLF Tools are a set of tools that integrate your CCMS Data with your CCMS software to quickly and easily create Learning Stories, Teaching Programs, Online Portfolios, Customised Reports, and many other features.

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NumeroPro is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that provides Software Services to the Childcare Industry, as well as specilaised Management, Payroll and consulting services.

The NumeroPro Team has a long history of engagement with the Childcare Industry, which includes management of both business orientated and community based not-for-profit Childcare services. This extensive experience spans in excess of two decades, and includes operations in all Australian states and territories.

The new Internet based technologies for the delivery of software services has prompted NumeroPro to redevelop their entire suite of Childcare software including PayrollPro and DebitPro and to create a fully streamlined and integrated set of software solutions. Furthermore, the ability to rapidly develop new features and modules allows NumeroPro to respond to the continuous demands for software improvements from DEEWR and Childcare centre operators.

NumeroPro has operated and been involved in Childcare Centres across every State and Territory in Australia.

• Completed due diligence on 300 Long Day Childcare Centres across Australia.
• Member of the GoodStart Due Diligence Steering Committee – Acquisition of 678 ABC Learning Centres.
• Owned and/or operated 200+ Long Day Childcare Centres across Australia.


CCMS Registered software - KIDSOFT, Childcare Management, Childcare Consulting, Outsourced Payroll Services, Childcare Due Diligence, Payment Gateway Services, Tender Preparation, SWOT Analysis

About Kidsoft

Kidsoft offers same day transaction processing and improved cash flow to make managing your business easy. The application includes a cutting edge payment gateway with no contracts, no establishment fees, no monthly access fees, and no merchant fees! Kidsoft was designed specifically to make managing your business easy, giving you more time and flexibility to focus on what is important to you! Get your money faster, Stop waiting for third parties to process your payments by using Kidsoft's innovative new business model. Kidsoft is teamed with DebitPro to give you real-time payment processing with automatically updated customer statements. Access from anywhere, Kidsoft is hosted in the cloud.

This means that you can access your data from anywhere on earth, on any device. All you need is an Internet connection and a login! Kidsoft works on Windows, OSX, Linux, Mac, PC, and many other systems. Free, LIVE updates, since Kidsoft requires no messy software installations, it is easy for us to provide you with free live updates whenever a new feature has been added to the application. Stay up to date. Kidsoft is social! As a social media friendly application we use Facebook, Twitter, and the Web to keep you up to date with the Childcare industry topics, news, and events that matter to you!
John Hutchison
P: 0400007136

FFA Paysmart

PaySmart sets the benchmark as one of Australia’s largest and longest established direct debit billing companies, and we provide service to many thousands of clients, right throughout the nation. We have always been at the forefront of technological development in the industry, and continue to provide cutting edge online services and management software solutions that make our clients’ business lives easier and more efficient. As an indication of our on-going commitment to quality and innovation, PaySmart was a winner in the services section of the Premier of Queensland’s Smart Awards. The award was made for PaySmart’s business system that gives small and medium-sized businesses the ability to offer flexible payment options from a cost-base comparable to their much larger competitors. It recognised PaySmart’s commitment to research and development that led to the creation of WebExpress, the internet-based, real-time financial management system.
Ian Jones
P: 07 3866 9119
M: 0433 811 920





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