Wednesday, September 5th, 2012
The long awaited GoPro WiFi BacPac + Remote Combo has finally arrived in Australia.

Since the release of the GoPro HD HERO2 cameras last October, everybody has been eagerly awaiting the release of this WiFi BacPac which retails for $149.00 including GST.

Petra Keranen, owner of said: GoPro WiFi
"It was a great relief to finally get the WiFi BacPacs into our store after months of waiting. We had a long list of backorders and a constant flow of phone calls requesting an approximate arrival date."
The GoPro WiFi BacPac has the ability to perform these key tasks:
  • Control up to 50 cameras at a time via the GoPro Wi-Fi Remote
  • Access and control your GoPro Cameras via smartphones and tablets using the GoPro App
  • Live stream videos to the web directly from the camera

Both the WiFi BacPac and WiFi Remote have their own inbuilt Li-Ion battery which can be charged independantly using the supplied USB cables.

At the moment, the Wi-Fi BacPac combo kit can be used as a remote control only until GoPro releases their App for IOS and Android. The latest update on the App release date is "Fall 2012" (U.S.), just in time for the Australian Spring/Summer, but we will just have to wait and see.

To use the live streaming features, we will also have to wait for another firmware update.

Petra also said:

"It is unfortunate that GoPro was not able to release the App for its WiFi BacPac before it hit the shelves in Australia and, unfortunately, it could be another couple of months until it will be released, however, we are hopeful that it will be rather sooner than later."
For HD HERO users (not HD HERO 2), only the remote control feature will work, not the live streaming.

For more detailed information on this product, please vist our our website. GoPro WiFi BacPac


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