Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Psychologist Anywhere® has formally identified and announced a chemical-free remedy for the "NCR" (New Client Recruitment) Stressor that is experienced by many Psychologists.  Psychologist Anywhere® invites Psychologists nationwide to join a free and unique online platform designed to attract new clients for them from across Australia.
Psychologists who register on will be featured and be able to provide website visitors with immediate online video counselling, or arrange an appointment for in-office counselling.

"NCR" is a challenge faced by many Psychologists. Conversely, there are many potential clients who may not have access to a Psychologist either at all (due to issues such as remote location, transport limitations, etc), or who may not have access to a Psychologist who meets the client's needs in terms of specific skill-set, experience, fee structure or availability.

"Our objective is to bridge the gap between Psychologists who may have time available, and clients who can't find or don't have access to a Psychologist.  We recognise that using the internet to deliver professional services is a growing reality and a great opportunity. We have set out to provide Psychologists countrywide with a single online platform which is feature-rich, and where new clients from anywhere in Australia will be able to find them easily, and make contact for immediate online counselling (using Skype) or for an in-office consultation. Use of the system is free to both Psychologists and Clients" said Michael Marcus CEO of Psychologist Anywhere.

The motivation behind the Psychologist Anywhere concept comes from Michael witnessing the life-changing work that Psychologists do, and a desire to ensure that those services are easily and readily available and accessible across Australia.

The Psychologist Anywhere team has developed other world-first software that is now used world-wide. They believe that experience will help ensure the success of Psychologist Anywhere by making it easy for Psychologists and clients to "find each other" anywhere and at anytime.

Psychologists can take advantage of this free opportunity by registering to appear on the website

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Psychologist Anywhere® is a free platform located at on which Psychologists register their professional profile and where clients can find a Psychologist quickly and easily for immediate online or in-office counselling.
Michael Marcus
P: +61 3 9016 0009


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