Tuesday, September 4th, 2012
Professionals involved in the construction business deal with several risks on a daily basis. Offering protection to them is Savill Hicks Corp, or SHC, with trades and professional insurance solutions from reliable service providers. Carpenters, Electricians, Scaffolders, designers and plumbers, who are a part of the construction process, are among the many professionals from the constructions industry that SHC caters to.

Being an insurance broking company, SHC offers a variety of construction insurance products under one roof. Thanks to that, people in the construction business can save a lot of time and energy in finding a policy that suits them best. Among the policies that constructions workers and other professionals in the industry should consider are professional indemnity coverage, contract works and liability coverage, owner builder liability coverage, trades insurance, and home warranty coverage. All these and more can be availed through SH Corp.

Professionals in the construction industry, which is one of the largest in Australia, need to have the right coverage to secure themselves from unexpected problems. SH Corp is among the few insurance brokers in Australia that offer detailed information about the best possible insurance policies that come with the lowest premiums. Just a phone call to them, and the customer can get the details directly on phone or through mail. What's more, SH Corp is also giving away free guides on insurance for tradesmen, allowing them to make informed decisions, when choosing insurance packages.

SH Corp also offers corporate, personal, and other business insurance, the details for which can be found at http://www.savillhickscorp.com.au. Details about exclusive insurance solutions for tradesmen can be obtained from the company’s portal http://www.tradesensurance.com.au/. Interested people can also fill in the request form on these sites for free quotes and also get the coverage online, without having to visit their office personally.

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Among Australia's top national insurance brokerages, Savill Hicks Corp is dedicated to serving its customers with its innovative and personalised services. The insurance experts at the firm make it extremely easy to find the right insurance coverage that professionals need. The company caters to both individuals and organisations. Among the online solutions offered by SHC are tradesman insurance, owner builders insurance, construction or liability insurance, home warranty insurance and business insurance. SHC also has a dedicated site that caters to tradesmen, and has an unparalleled ability to find the perfect insurance solutions that they need.
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