Tuesday, September 4th, 2012
Fancy a designer bathroom, that always looks clean and neat? A look at the Kohler's bathroom design collections is a must then. The popular brand is known for its innovative designs that turn even mundane places like kitchens and bathrooms into abodes of elegance and style. Among the numerous collections that http://au.kohler.com has to offer, the latest Escale bathroom designs are a must see, especially for those who are planning on a new home or renovation.

Escale designs are inspired by Japanese ceramic tableware designs and somewhat imitate the structure of a sail in the wind. Kohler promises to take you on a journey of style with these magnificent designer collections. Available in classic white, the Escale designs from Kohler are distinct and flexible too. The products you can find in this collection include wash basins, basin pedestals, luxurious baths that you would love stepping into and furniture to store your toiletries and other bathroom supplies.

The Escale collection also includes toilets in four different styles. But it is the BubbleMassage Bath tubs in this collection that steal the show from the others. They are not only elegant, but also promise the user a luxurious and relaxing bath, much needed after a tiring day. The tubs are offered in two models - a freestanding acrylic bath tub and the drop-in bath. The baths could be accessorised with the white Escale bath pillows for comfort, in style.

The Escale baths are also available in the freestanding and drop-in styles. According to the spokesperson for the brand, the bubblebath tubs come with pores or holes that release small bubbles. Besides the Escale collection, Kohler also offers the sophisticated Presqu'ile designs that are oval shaped, the Purist designs made of Biancone and Carrara marble, and the contemporary Ove designs for bathrooms.

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Kohler is a leading provider of innovative and elegant kitchen and bath designs. The company has been serving its customers with its one-of-a-kind products and top class service for over 135 years. With its impressive designs for baths and kitchens, Kohler has managed to set standards for quality products, by bringing together craftsmanship and innovation. Alongside stylish baths, basins, toilets and furniture for kitchens and baths, Kohler also offers user-friendly tapware, customised showers, and bathroom accessories like towel-holders and soap dishes in different styles and shapes, to suit the theme of the room.
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