Friday, August 31st, 2012
Community service provider Mission Australia calls on COAG meeting to support homelessness agreement.

Federal and State/Territory Housing Ministers must give their in principle support to renewing the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness when they meet in Perth today, according to one of the nation’s largest providers of services to homeless people, Mission Australia.

Mission Australia says homeless agencies, and the individuals and families who depend on them, needed an assurance that the joint federal-state agreement – $1.1 billion over five years and the centrepiece of the Federal Government's efforts to tackle homelessness – would continue beyond the end of June 2013.

Mission Australia's WA State Director, Melissa Perry, said without a commitment to continuing the agreement and its funding Australia wouldn’t meet its goals of halving homelessness and providing all roughsleepers with access to accommodation by 2020.

"The National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness (NPAH) was established in 2008 to make inroads into bringing homeless numbers down. Since then it has developed and improved 180 services around the country," said Ms Perry.

"The government has previously said it was a 'down payment' on future efforts, so clearly there was an intention for the agreement to continue after its first term. But as yet, there’s been no commitment beyond June 2013.

"While Australia's homeless problem remains serious – particularly among certain groups, such as families – the NPAH has been part of an unprecedented injection of funding towards housing and homelessness. It's got us on the right path to tackling the problem with an emphasis on prevention and early intervention. We need to give it time to work.

"We take some comfort in the fact that the Federal Minister for Housing Brendan O'Connor has expressed his intention to pursue a new agreement. However there’s been nothing put aside in the federal budget and the states don’t appear to be approaching renegotiations with any enthusiasm given they will need to put up half the funding.

"So far the WA Government has been coy about whether it will do its part to see the agreement renewed. I’ve written to Minister McSweeney encouraging her to commit Western Australia to a new partnership.

"Ongoing investment in the NPAH is crucial to bringing homeless numbers down.

"If we don’t continue the agreement then we can kiss our ambitions goodbye," said Ms Perry.

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Community service provider Mission Australia calls on COAG meeting to support homelessness agreement.



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