Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

When Sydney children of all ages and abilities were finally able to play side-by-side thanks to the opening of Livvi’s Place, Australia's very first all abilities playground, Jay Laga’aia was there, celebrating alongside Justine and John Perkins, founders of the Touched by Olivia Foundation.

Livvi’s Place, the initiative of Touched by Olivia Foundation and the result of more than two years of collaboration with founding partners, City of Canada Bay and Leighton Contractors, was officially opened amid a crowd of excited parents and children, all keen to explore what some families of children with disabilities have called; a magical place - dream come true.

Designed in consultation with leading academics, play, disability, and landscape experts and the local community, Livvi's Place aims to dramatically reduce the barriers experienced by children with special needs and their families, helping to give them a level playing field for life.

Centrally located, Livvi’s place was built for children with all forms of disability and from all parts of Sydney. The playground’s unique design and equipment addresses the needs of children with various forms of disability including mobility, vision and hearing impairment as well as spectrum disorders such as autism.

“Thanks to the commitment of our founding partners, Leighton Contractors and City of Canada Bay Council, and significant community support, together we have been able to realise a dream and create an Australian first that promises to have a significant impact on many families," said John Perkins, founder of Touched by Olivia Foundation.

When the gates to Livvi’s Place were finally opened, ambassador for Touched by Olivia Foundation Jay Laga’aia, was there to see the hundreds of parents and children enjoy this remarkable playground which caters for children and adults of all ages and all abilities from all parts of Sydney.

“It’s fabulous seeing so many families with children of all shapes, sizes and abilities play together for the very first time on specially designed playground equipment. It was an absolute joy,” said the father of 8 and star of Australian children’s television, Jay Laga’aia.

“The level of detail that the Touched by Olivia Foundation and their partners, have gone to, to create this incredible resource that will make so many kids and families from around Sydney happy, is remarkable,” Laga’aia said.

Families are already becoming aware of the difference that the Livvi's Place will mean for them, including Sandra Casinader who is the mother of two children with autism.

"When I saw the playground, I actually started crying because every single thing that makes it so difficult for us and many of my friends in a similar situation to use a "typical" playground has been so completely addressed; the attention to detail is astounding," Mrs Casinader said.

"Since Touched by Olivia Foundation was established in 2006, our aims have been to bring health and happiness to kids and their families. With the opening of Livvi’s Place, we feel we are well on our way to achieving this vision," Mr Perkins said.

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Jay Laga'aia, ambassador of Touched By Olivia Foundation, celebrates how Sydney's children of all ages and abilities can finally play side-by-side thanks to the opening of Livvi’s Place, Australia's very first all abilities playground.


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