Friday, August 31st, 2012
CANBERRA, Australian Capital Territory, Aug. 31, 2012 – New Zealand is a vast, largely untapped market for e-commerce, with Kiwis purchasing a greater percentage of goods online than their Australian counterparts, according to international payment gateway eWAY.

Online retail sales account for 5.1% of all spending in New Zealand, greatly outpacing the 3.8% of Australian web purchases, eWAY notes. The total number of New Zealanders shopping online has increased from 21% in 2001 to 57% in 2010.

Although its population is just 4.4 million, New Zealand has a greater percentage (65%) of residents shopping online than Asia (55%), with a total of 1.4 million online shoppers in 2010. Most likely items to be bought online? Airline tickets and other travel, books and magazines, entertainment tickets, and clothing.

The findings have just been released in an infographic published by eWAY, and available for viewing and download at

“The opportunity for Australian e-tailers is vast, as we’re seeing explosive growth in e-commerce purchases by our island neighbour,” said eWAY CEO Matt Bullock. “New Zealand really is uncharted territory, and smart e-commerce companies looking to expand will put their marketing dollars there.”

Bullock added that New Zealand’s reliance on imported goods is driving the migration to e-commerce, along with the introduction of debit cards for online purchases and the growing number of Kiwis receiving e-mail alerts from daily deal and group buying websites.

Among the other findings on eWAY’s infographic:

• Thirty-five percent of shoppers in New Zealand made six or more online purchases in 2010, and 42% shop online several times a month.

• Fifty-seven percent of New Zealanders who shop online consult Web reviews before purchasing, and 44% start their research with a search engine.

• One in two Kiwis say they find online shopping more convenient than alternative methods.

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