Tuesday, November 24th, 2009
THE City of Cockburn has achieved Milestone 1 in the ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability Water Campaign, after completing an inventory of water consumed by council activities and by local residents and businesses.

It has also undertaken a water quality checklist to identify strategies to improve local water quality, which will be used to develop a program to manage water more sustainably.

Milestone 1 is the first step in the five-milestone program, involving creating an inventory of water consumption data and water quality issues influenced by council and community activities.

Once complete, the inventory identifies areas where progress toward sustainable water management can be made and the City of Cockburn will use this data to design a program of actions to achieve sustainable water management.

Cockburn Mayor Logan K Howlett said local governments were in a unique position to shape public attitude and behaviour in relation to water conservation and to set standards in new developments.

“We understand that local governments can be significant waters users when irrigating parks, sporting fields, public gardens and other open spaces but, in a state as dry as WA, Cockburn is ensuring it’s doing its bit to conserve this precious resource,” he said.

“To reduce scheme water, the city’s infrastructure services section has fitted water-saving devices to about 70 taps across 10 council buildings, which has saved about 68 per cent of water from those taps.

“To ensure appropriate ground water use, our parks team has been implementing a water conservation strategy that includes bore metering, replacement of inefficient irrigation systems and hydrozoning, which means irrigating according to water need.

“Council’s environmental services department has also recently created a living stream out of an existing drainage line that feeds directly into a wetland.

“This will help to remove nutrients and pollutants from stormwater entering the system, improving the overall water quality.”

ICLEI Oceania’s Chief Executive Officer Steve Gawler said water conservation is one of the most pressing concerns facing local governments today.

“Australian communities are aware of the urgent need to act on climate change and local government has a significant role to play in the sustainable management of our precious and limited water resources,” he said.

“The Water Campaign demonstrates how local governments can make a difference – their combined efforts are delivering real benefits in sustainable water management across Australia.”

The City of Cockburn is one of 123 local governments who have joined the Water Campaign across Australia and are actively conserving water and improving the quality of rivers, streams and groundwater within their communities.

In WA, the Water Campaign is delivered by ICLEI Oceania with the support of the State Government.

ICLEI Oceania is the regional secretariat for ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, founded in 1990 as the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives.

For more information about ICLEI’s Water Campaign, go to www.iclei.org/oceania/water.

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City of Cockburn

The City of Cockburn celebrates its 30th birthday in 2009, regarded as one of Perth’s fastest growing and culturally-diverse local governments.

With a population of about 85,000, it has grown into one of Perth’s most dynamic and successful areas. The population is made up of a large percentage of children, families and seniors, and a large percentage of people born overseas (28.8%).

As a developing city, Cockburn has a good mix of residential, rural and conservation areas and has more than 2000 businesses. The City of Cockburn, as a council, has a continuing mission to make the area the most attractive place to live, work and visit in the metropolitan area.
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WA local government scores first milestone in the ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability Water Campaign


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