Wednesday, August 29th, 2012
GovDirect for MYOB is the most comprehensive way for Australian businesses to electronically submit reporting obligations to the Government via Standard Business Reporting (SBR).

SBR has been designed by the Federal Government to help increase efficiency of compliance reporting for businesses, accountants, bookkeepers, tax agents and payroll professionals. The main benefit of utilising SBR through GovDirect is increased productivity. By using GovDirect MYOB users can cut down the time taken to complete SBR obligations by pre-filling forms directly from MYOB.

The GovDirect software is user friendly and has the ability to: electronically deliver business’ reporting responsibilities; populate information directly from MYOB to required forms, and lodge forms through SBR using an AUSkey.

GovDirect is developed, maintained and supported by Business Driven Systems (BDS). As a MYOB Professional Partner, BDS is a trusted brand and respected software developer. The GovDirect platform works in sync with MYOB and significantly cuts down the time taken to submit Government reporting through SBR.

“GovDirect is an invaluable service for anyone with an AUSkey that will save businesses, bookkeepers and accountants’ time and money. It also reduces the potential for human error when lodging government reporting including Tax File Declarations and BAS statements, to name a few,” Business Driven Systems CEO David Gale said.

Australian businesses are required to keep abreast of legislative changes that relate to compliance across their industry. GovDirect makes this task easier as it is updated as soon as new legislation comes into effect.

GovDirect utilises cloud computing and web services, which helps reduce costs and centralise information. This is beneficial for users as they have the ability to access data remotely and update changes in real time for SBR.

Users can remotely access information from GovDirect or SBR safely and securely. GovDirect servers run over secure sessions (SSL) and GovDirect does not store AUSkeys or credit card details. All lodgement information is encrypted and stored redundantly. GovDirect servers are unable to decrypt lodgement information, this is maintained for users.

For more information please visit the GovDirect website:

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Business Driven System (BDS)

Business Driven Systems (BDS) is proud of their longstanding relationship with MYOB. The company has been operating for more than a decade and in this time has developed integration software aimed at improving the efficiency of business, accountants and bookkeepers. BDS has a range of software solutions including SyncDirect, SupplierDirect, BuildLogic and GovDirect. Business Driven Systems offers end-to-end software solutions, which begins with the development of a strategic concept and ends with implementation and support services. The team at BDS is made up of high calibre software developers and IT professionals. Former Westpac executive, Mike Pratt is one of the company’s Directors.
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