Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Spring marks the busiest time of the year for memberships to gyms and health clubs.
Having the right staff on the training room floor is critical so members can enjoy their best possible experience from their membership and reach their health and fitness goals.

Leading health and fitness recruiter, David Robson, said finding staff in a growing industry was always a challenge, and with the anticipated spike in gym memberships fast approaching, the challenge was even greater.

Robson, managing director of FitPROFESSIONALS, said industry figures show that the current level of 22,888 fitness instructors working in Australia today is likely to increase to more than 57,000 during the next eight years, a massive hike of 252 per cent.
Industry figures show that more than half of employees are casual, giving the industry the flexibility it needs to have the optimum number of fitness professionals on hand to cater for the needs of members.

Having the right staffing to cope with the influx of new gym members was paramount, Robson said, and taking the time out to recruit staff means fitness industry operators would be taking time away from the day-to-day running of their business.

He said professional recruiters like FitPROFESSIONALS means less stress for operators, delivering the right staff for the right job.

With many professional fitness workers being casuals or contractors it gives gym operators the flexibility to staff their fitness room floor at the right level, supporting the full-time trainers and giving the ability to have at hand casual or contracted trainers to meet members needs during the spike times of gym memberships

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FitPROFESSIONALS is Australia’s number one recruitment solution specialising in serving existing and emerging companies in Australia's active and growing health and fitness industry.
Through a well connected network of industry leaders, educators and one of the biggest databases of active job seekers in the industry and with a sophisticated predictive screening system, David Robson and The Fit Professionals will steadily gain market share.
FitPROFESSIONALS mission is to service customers from the health and fitness industry with outstanding candidates for all areas and functionality of their businesses, ensuring the right ‘fit’ is achieved every time.
The driving goal to their services is to exceed the expectations of their customers by identifying their recruitment needs and delivering solutions.
FitPROFESSIONALShas extensive experience and specialised knowledge of the health and fitness industry within Australia. David Robson’s insight, knowledge and contacts within health and fitness are extremely valuable to ensure Fit Professionals propels into a commanding position within the health and fitness industry.

David Robson - Managing Director
P: 1300 736 112
M: 0434 378 612
W: fitprofessionals.com.au/


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