Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to run your practice rather than it running you? If anyone can help you to achieve this, it’s Dr Toni Surace.

This mum of three runs her own busy Dental Practice and has recently purchased Momentum Management. If that’s not enough, she is also a mentor, coach and international presenter. She is able to juggle it all successfully because she has truly mastered the art of managing her practice remotely.

As a Principal Dentist, Dr Surace went through the Momentum Programme. She found that by implementing certain systems, she could run her practice on autopilot and leverage her time and be selective in the type dentistry she personally did.

Today, thanks to her successful practice she has the means to fulfil her other passion of helping dentists to achieve the same results. She first became involved with Momentum 5 years ago and has progressed from a client, mentor, coach and presenter and is now the Managing Director.

"I find my work at Momentum very rewarding and something that comes naturally to me,” says Dr Surace. “I believe I make a positive difference to the lives of Dentists through the implementation of proven systems in their practices. It’s thrilling to see positive change and how it improves their quality of life."

Randi Goda, the business founder, had been considering selling Momentum for a while. After 12 years of dedication, she needed a break to focus on her family commitments. However, she wasn’t prepared to sell to just anyone, and had been waiting until she found a buyer who was as passionate about Momentum as she was.

Toni recalls, "I was shocked when I learned Randi was considering selling. As a former client, I know the effort she and the Momentum team put into ensuring my experience as a dentist and practice owner was the best it could possibly be. I was honoured she selected me to take up the mantle, and I will ensure that Momentum keeps its ‘big heart’."

Randi in her farewell letter to Momentum clients explained the reasons for selecting Toni as her replacement, “She is passionate and eager and fiery and is willing to take risks and give things a go. She has a love of the business and an understanding of the privilege and honour involved in doing the work we do. She will love and care for all of you, the community and Momentum as much, if not more than I have. And, this last reason is the single most important one for me.”

Toni has worked beside Randi for the past six months co-managing from behind the scenes to ensure a seamless transition. Toni successfully purchased Momentum Management in July this year and is excited about the company’s future. She promises to keep the old Momentum going while adding a fresh modern approach, with Short Courses, Webinars, Workshops, Social Media, In- Practice Training, Coaching and Mentoring to ensure she's able to help as many Dentists as possible.

Randi stayed on until 18th August to ensure everything was in place for Momentum’s future success, and for now, she is looking forward to being a fulltime mum, spending time with her extended family and traveling.

About Dr Toni Surace
Dr Surace continues to run Smile Style Dental in Melbourne remotely, which enables her to focus on her role as Managing Director. She has become a renowned International Presenter on the topic: Autopilot Your PracticeGlide to a Passive Income and is featuring in a nationwide seminar and short course series on the topics. For a list of up-coming events visit or call 1300 519 000. You can follow Dr Toni Surace at and

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