Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Now more than ever, Australians are evaluating their lives and futures and what it means to achieve success. This year has so far proved to be turbulent and full of uncertainty. The Global Economy is threatening Australian’s jobs and futures.

It’s no surprise that many Australians are starting to look for value in life that goes beyond material possessions and financial wealth. A recently published how-to guide by Dr Robb Musgrave is a book that offers Australians a chance to figure out what they really value and want out of life, particularly in times of uncertainty.

Dr Robb Musgrave is the CEO of Legenis, a Brisbane-based consultancy group that seeks to indentify client values, in order to structure them into personal legacies.

“When Success Isn’t Enough” is Dr Musgrave’s first book based on his Ph D research into Creating Personal Legacies. A book that shows how you can identify what’s important to you and shape your life to focus on those values.

The book also discusses the importance of passing those values on to family members, as well as the Baby Boomer generation’s perspectives on wealth and the benefits of philanthropy.

“Whether we intend to or not, we will leave parts of ourselves behind for others to learn from, so it makes sense to choose how we want to be remembered, rather than leaving it to chance,” says Dr Musgrave.
“My research has shown that a person’s beliefs, values and philosophies are more lasting and considered more important by their heirs than tangible assets like shares, real estate and investments.”

“You will be leaving a legacy - how you want to be remembered in the world is up to you."

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Established in 2007, Legenis is a business grown from the research of Dr Robb Musgrave in his PhD "Creating Personal Legacies". It was identified through his studies an opportunity to estblish a new business that creates living legacies for clients, a service that is first of its kind in Australia. Legenis provides guidance about legacies, the creation of legacies and their ongoing maintenance. Legenis works with professional family advisors and charities to create a clients legacy.
Dr Robb Musgrave
P: 07 33951213
W: www.legenis.com


Everyone who is loved by someone will leave a legacy - what will be yours?


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