Tuesday, August 21st, 2012
If South Australia were a business, would it survive? And would anyone buy its products or services?

Is SA the begging bowl State, resistant to change and thwarted by vocal minorities? Or are we looking at a big, bold future driven by our fabulous Arts community, a high number of high net worth individuals and the promised mining boom?

A panel of hard-headed business, media and government minds will converge to discuss this at an event to be held in Adelaide on 30 August, hosted by the Public Relations Institute of Australia.

According to Ian Smith, Partner, Adelaide based Bespoke Approach:

“SA needs a good kick up the proverbial. We are shy about our strengths and hung up about our weaknesses. Minorities have too much sway on the majority.

“Whether in business, politics or the broader community, we all have collective responsibility to move from being a mendicant State to becoming one that is a magnet for investment.”

There is also the view that businesses are cautious because the Government is not seen to be leading or investing.

John Ferguson, Victorian Political Editor, The Australian newspaper and former South Australian, says: “Government action is key. A successful, sustainable state in 50 years needs to start now.

“Politically, there is a short term focus – Governments are in for two terms and decisions are made around this. Real leadership to change the landscape longer term requires bold, long-term thinking that will attract and sustain economic growth through business, tourism and retail.”

John Baker, managing Partner – Adelaide based kwp! Advertising says: “There is a resistance to change. There’s currently no leadership for South Australian businesses.

“South Australia has some genuinely brilliant and innovative ‘hubs’ of people and industries – particularly in science, defence, technology and design.

“People need remember what we’re good at and play to these strengths and stop trying to be Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere else.”

Business, Tourism and Government views will go head to head when SA Tourism, David O’Loughlin, John Baker, kwp!, Ian Smith and John Ferguson, debate the business case for South Australia. And what it will take to turn the State around for long-term growth, sustainable by any major Corporate.
Moderated by host of SA life, Leigh McClusky, the panel discussion will be held over lunch in the Adelaide Festival Centre, Thursday 30 August.

For more information contact: Cait Tynan: [email protected]; 0419 791 317
Tickets can be purchased by www.pria/events/event/saforsale

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SA For Sale Event

Details: Panel discussion: For Sale – SA Inc.
If South Australia was a business, how should it be designed, packaged, boxed, marketed and promoted to the rest of Australia and the world?
Panellists include:
• Ian Smith, Bespoke Approach
• John Baker, kwp!
• David O’Loughlin, Tourism SA
• John Ferguson, Victorian Political Editor, The Australian newspaper
Date: Thursday 30 August 12-2pm, Festival Centre, King William Road, Adelaide

Cait Tynan: [email protected]; 0419 791 317
Cait Tynan
P: 0419 791 317
W: www.pria/events/event/saforsale


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