Monday, August 20th, 2012

AAMI, the leading national car insurer, is giving away 800 free safety inspections to people shopping for second hand cars in Sydney.

The 60-point safety checks, usually valued at $250, can help second hand car buyers knock an average of $1,700* off the cost of their new car, by picking up on any crucial safety issues that may need to be rectified.

The first 800 people from the Sydney metropolitan area to register for a free safety inspection on AAMI’s facebook page,, will receive an independent vehicle inspection at the location of their choosing.

The inspection will be undertaken by Automotive Vehicle Inspections (AVI), and will provide a safety report, detailing the safety condition of the car’s:

• Interior
• Exterior/under body
• Engine bay
• Tyres, wheels and brakes
• Road test results
• Assessment of any previous accident damage
• General comments about the condition of the motor vehicle

“AAMI has been helping people get back on the road safely for more than 40 years. We thought this would be a good way to help make people aware of any potential safety issues with their second hand car purchase so they can fix them before it becomes a serious problem,” Reuben Aitchison, AAMI spokesperson commented.

“We find that the most common safety issues in second hand cars, and potential areas for negotiating money off the price of a second hand car, include suspension, brakes, inoperative brake, head and tail lights, worn tyres and faulty seat belts.”

AAMI’s Top Tips for buying a Used Car:
• Set a budget and test drive: the driver must be happy with how the car drives and they must set up a budget beforehand which includes registration, insurance and purchase price.
• Research: review what is on the market on leading car sales websites for a price barometer.
• Do a vehicle history check: validate write-off history, finance owing, odometer reading and other important facts about the history of the car. is a good place to start.
• Appoint a mobile vehicle inspector: an independent inspector can examine what is going on under the hood. This process can identify critical facts such as past accident damage, evidence of flood damage, quality of service history and cost of potential repairs.
• Don’t be afraid to negotiate: Use an inspection report to negotiate on price, rectify faults, or obtain better terms on a warranty.

*Average cost savings based on sample of 1,000 inspections conducted by leading independent safety inspector, Automotive Vehicle Inspections (AVI) between February, 2012 and July, 2012. Cost savings are indicative of private sales.

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At AAMI, we know that you want to be sure your car is properly protected by the insurance policy you purchase. AAMI is a leading provider of comprehensive car insurance with benefits such as lifetime repair guarantee; lifetime rating one and valet service. Insurance issued by Australian Associated Motor Insurers Ltd (AAMI). Refer to the Product Disclosure Statement at or call 13 22 44.
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