Monday, August 20th, 2012
Award winning Queensland based second skin technology company, Microskin, have enlisted the help of an Indonesian based international celebrity to help promote their products worldwide.

Microskin are the developers of a simulated skin which can be used to alleviate the aesthetic disabilities associated with burns, scarring and a number of disfiguring skin conditions.

Multi-talented Sam Brodie, who has starred in numerous locally produced movies, is releasing a single later this year, has a cooking show and regular spots on day time television, has taken on the role of marketing and advertising consultant with the company.

Sam has been working within the Indonesia media for a number of years after rocketing to fame when he featured in series seven of the UK version of Big Brother in 2006.

“I was introduced to Microskin through the opening of its Indonesian clinic where I was enlisted to help promote the brand there,” Sam says.

“I immediately saw the benefits of the product and its unique second skin simulation technology and wanted to continue to work with Microskin in Australia, as I love to help people.

“I’ve seen that Microskin has developed new and innovative application techniques and I feel that Microskin will be more commercial as consumers will find it easier to use the products with our new spray can and roll-on kits that are now on our shelves.

“My long term plan will be working with Microskin to create a bigger brand awareness throughout Australia and Asia, and possibly later in the UK.”

Since then Sam has built his career in Southeast Asia as an Actor and TV personality.

Microskin executive chairman, Barry Amor, says Sam’s wide international network, including participating in a UK Reality Show later in the year, will help promote the company’s products to a new market.

“While Microskin has been primarily supported through medical networks such as doctors and skin specialists, its cosmetic uses are still to be recognised on a wider scale,” Mr Amor says.

“We think Sam’s commitment and understanding of our product, his natural ability to network, and his huge fan base will be of enormous benefit to Microskin.”

Sam is currently organizing a networking and preview event for Microskin’s new innovative Roller Kit product before he heads back to Indonesia to fulfill contractual media obligations.

Microskin recently signed two new license agreements one in the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh, covering the Middle East, and the other based in Estonia which will cover Scandinavia these will complement its two U.S. clinics.

Microskin have utilised a franchise model to expand the business since 2010, when they opened their first clinic outside Australia at the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of New York.

Each clinic has facilities to undertake computer skin tone matching for patients, as well as training in how to apply the product to their own skin.