Friday, November 20th, 2009
As Christmas comes and goes for yet another year, online retailers are sure to be producing their best marketing efforts to ensure that they maximise sales so ultimately the men at the top can enjoy a nice little Christmas present at the end of it all (Christmas Spirit!). However, the change in culture over the last decade to the hype of the January has meant that us marketers can’t rest once the hype of Christmas is over, it’s a seamless switch of messaging to a more discounted focus once the clock strikes midnight on Christmas Day.

So what’s the difference between pre and post Christmas, why do we now wait until January to do our Christmas shopping, is that not against the idea of Christmas, buying the presents after the big day? Well, unfortunately as the world’s Christian population experiences a slow decline in followers & publicity the meaning of Christmas pulls away from the traditional celebration of the birth of Christ to a mass consumer expenditure event instead. The reasoning behind it all of course is the simple matter of making money, which of course in any capitalist culture is vital to growth of an economy. While I, a specialist online marketer myself, certainly cannot comment on the ethics of destroying the Christmas tradition I have experienced working a Boxing Day double shift in the Myers Store central Sydney, not a spiritual site. I literally witnessed women shouting, arguing and even exchanging physical acts of abuse all for those precious bargains.

Although there will always a degree of fighting of consumers inside their favourite stores for bargains, the online space offers the same level of discounts and deals from your home computer. So whether it is consumers fighting over products, or retailers fighting over marketing spend, the shift is now moving online with the race to offer discount codes, double cashback, early bird sales and rock bottom prices, which I must say is a more civilised battle!

As mentioned in other articles on, the recent economic climate has certainly dampened our impulse habits with stats showing that between a quarter to half of us will aim to spend less over the Christmas period, not good news for retailers. So what are they going to do about it? Well like anyone would, increase marketing spend (For those who can afford it), increase spend in areas that are proven to have a better return on investment (ROI), which tends to be online, push down prices on items they can afford to lose margin and of course throw out an array of vouchers (aka money off, discounts, coupons, voucher codes etc).

With surveys showing that around 80% of shoppers report that price is a determining factor in choice of product, 66% suggest that they will use vouchers and spend more time searching for bargains. With so many retailers to choose from both in the high street and online, how would anyone have the time to search across 1,000 retailer stores comparing price, postage, returns policies etc. Well one way is to use a price comparison site, yes? Price comparison sites are a great way to find the best price for a particular product but there are always further discounts you can get on the cheapest price that you’ve found. As mentioned in the Money Saving article on, cashback and voucher codes sites can then offer you further discounts on that cheapest price. aims to provide savvy shoppers one location for almost every voucher code, deal, money offer bargain available online. In doing this, effectively becomes a retailer in itself. Where Myers is a collection of brands all sold through the one store, is the online discount search version.

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