Saturday, August 18th, 2012
Publisher Ashley Knoote-Parke is bringing the highly valued Boardroom Series to West Australia.

The third in the series of beautifully presented, hard cover, coffee table publications will feature 57 high achieving women of the West in a tome that will inspire the State to emulate their achievements.

The South Australian based publisher, who migrated to this country to escape the South African “war zone”, found herself ducking tall poppy hunters rather than bullets but found the evasion just as distressing.

"It's almost criminal how Australians tend to cut down their high achievers," says Ashley, "so I took it upon myself to sing their praises as loudly as I possibly could."
In the initial SA publication, called Lounge to Boardroom, Ashley featured 55 high achieving South Australian women ( and followed it up with BBQ to Boardroom that detailed the exploits of 66 high achieving SA men. (

"Both books had an enormous impact in the State by bringing together like-minded people who have gone on to champion significant projects because they knew they were in the company of other people who were not afraid of success."

The challenge, as always, will be making the final selection and, in an attempt to not disadvantage anyone, Ashley is running the selection process as a competition.
“A competition means it is open to all, so, please let the games begin.”

Ashley is looking for you or anyone you know so long as someone reckons the nominated person is a high achiever who deserves to be recognised.

“We will have a panel to adjudicate all contestants before deciding who are the winners of the competition and they will be featured in the inaugural WA Boardroom Series.”

To enter the contest, visit and nominate either yourself or someone you know who deserves more than just a pat on the back.

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Publications include Footprints - A Journey Through South Australia, Footprints - Off The Beaten Track, Lounge to Boardroom, and BBQ to Boardroom.
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