Thursday, August 16th, 2012
Moves to cloud software expected to produce the next stage of growth online
Cloud software reduces operating costs for all businesses
Large businesses beginning to move IT licenses online
25% cost reductions experienced in some industries
70% fewer resources required to maintain cloud software vs traditional licenses
Cloud software also brings extra benefits to users such as security and reliability.


Most businesses site cost savings as a key driver for moving their software online. In some case studies there was an average savings of 25 percent across IT services which could translate to more than $125 billion per year. In several in depth surveys, it was found that cloud software also allows businesses 70 percent fewer resources to administer/run the cloud application versus traditional applications.

A recent review of case studies by Cloud Accounting Australia has found that there are far reaching benefits for moving software into the cloud or virtualising online. Trend Micro has shown how there are increased security benefits to cloud software, and IBM has shown how virtual servers can reduce operating costs for IT hardware an infrastructure.

Recently, Microsoft produced case studies that showed how cloud IT deployment and management activities can reduce the time and cost involved. Centralized systems management and application virtualization are designed to streamline IT deployment and management activities can not only save money, but free up resources to support a more agile, responsive organization.

Cloud Software is an opportunity for small and medium businesses to use state of the art technology with very low operating costs,” said Michael Kuster, CEO of Cloud Accounting Australia. “Over the next few years, we expect to see a range of businesses reducing their operating costs by moving their bookkeeping, accounts and financial reporting online.”

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