Thursday, August 16th, 2012
Solar Panel Free Quotes ( ) has launched its renovated website giving the clean energy quote engine a brighter looking front-end experience for consumers with easier site navigation.

How does Solar Panel Free Quotes Helps Consumers?
The newly launched website contains general advice on solar energy to help visitors understand the products and answer frequency asked questions about the solar panel installation process.

"We are pleased to announce our new and renovated website. Its a brighter looking front-end experience for consumers with easier site navigation but the same easy to fill in quote form process that provides homeowners, landlords and business owners with the best starting point to find an accredited solar installers at a price they are happy to pay." David Boyd, Founder of Solar Panel Free Quotes.

Investigating, collecting and assessing quotes for any major home improvement project such as the installation of a swimming pool, landscaping a garden or renovating a house can often be a time consuming and tedious process. The benefit that Solar Panel Free Quotes ( ) provides is the ease of getting the ball rolling by completing one simple, 3 step online quote form.

Solar panels are an ideal way to power residential and commercial energy needs. Because the panels are installed on the roof of a building they don’t take up extra space and if installed correctly they aren’t an eyesore either. In Australia's often crowded feeling suburban streets, solar panels are an ideal local source of energy solution because once installed they don’t emit any toxins into the environment or cause noise that could annoy the neighbours (such as a wind turbine).

The newly redesigned website helps consumers get multiple quotes from local solar panel installers who service the area of the homeowner or business owner. By getting multiple quotes instead of just one quote, consumers widen their choices for solar panel brands, recommended installation configurations, protect themselves from unaccredited installers and put themselves in a commanding position to select a contractor who can supply and install the solar panels for the best mix of price, specification and time.

"Further to the benefits our newly redesign website, we are excited about growing our service and becoming a more valuable business development partner for the increasing number of solar installers looking to acquire more customers in a professional and cost effective manner," says David Boyd, Founder of Solar Panel Free Quotes.

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Solar Panel Free Quotes ( ) has been providing a free quoting service for residential and commercial solar installations since 2010. It takes less than 1 minute to fill in our 3 step solar quote form and start receiving quotes from local accredited solar panel installers.
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